Bauer Nexus 1N Skate Review

The Bauer Nexus 1N is the latest release to the Bauer skate lineup.
The Nexus 1N still provides that classic, wider fit you’ve come to expect, along with some much needed upgrades found on other top-end Bauer skates.
At first glance you’ll immediately notice the totally redesigned skate, especially the blue accents. The Nexus 1N stays true to the Nexus namesake, but brings about changes that propel it to the top of the skate spectrum, let’s take a closer look.


Firstly just touching on the direction Bauer is headed in, like their stick line-up, they have separated each family to be more distinct in their fit or features, as players obviously have a wide assortment of feet size or personal preference. As for the Bauer 1N fit, it sits below the Bauer 1X, and the Bauer 1S – meaning it is wider and taller than either of Bauer’s other models and in terms of Bauer’s four key foot variances. Currently, the four variances are as follows – starting at the top of the foot – ankle, heel, instep, and forefoot. With these factors in mind, Bauer is aiming to increase the fit of all of their skates for enhanced performance as players will be able to skate longer, harder, and faster. Additionally, the use of Bauer’s criteria helps to group players in the specific family (Vapor, Supreme, Nexus) so they know what type of fit to expect and what skate might be best for them.

Upper features:


Being designed to have the most “responsive control”, the Nexus 1N skate lives up to that statement with the use of their 3-D lasted Curv composite. The material composes the upper boot of the skate and provides exceptional comfort due to its thermoforable nature. Additionally, it allows the skate to be more responsive as well. The material is seen on the 1X and as we already know, delivers better energy transfer than almost any other skate out there.
The 3-D manufacturing process is Bauer’s own proprietary design which allows the skate to fit closer to the foot. In other words a better locking in the heel and ankle for a more comfortable fit, and increased responsiveness.
The Total Comfort Edge delivers extra padding at the top of the ankle support to rid the skate of any sharp edges that might cause discomfort. A nice added touch by Bauer to increase the overall comfort of the skate during those long skating sessions throughout the week.

5™ Technology liner


Bauer uses their 37.5 technology liner seen on the 1X, 1S and most Bauer equipment and apparel. This kick-ass liner technology keeps your feet dry and locked in place for better control. It also helps your skates dry out quicker in between ice times.
How does it work? 37.5™ material is made up of millions of tiny particles that are embedded into the fabric to increase the surface area. These particles act like “hot rocks” in a sauna allowing sweat to evaporate, rather than just being wicked away from your body. These “hot rock” particles attract sweat and evaporate it when your body heats up. Because evaporated sweat is a gas, it finds its way into the air, allowing the fabric to stay almost unbelievably dry, even during heavy use.
Comfort matters to a hockey player just as much as performance. Bauer Premium socks also feature 37.5 technology. Wearing these socks will provide a compounding effect of moisture management when worn with the 37.5 liner of the 1N skate. Along with the 37.5 liner, the Supreme 1N features integrated wear pads for increased longevity and better comfort.
The Bauer 1N also includes memory foam ankle pads that help mould to the ankle over time. They provide that extra comfortable fit, and reduce negative space in the ankle portion of the skate for better control on the ice.

Lacing system


Unseen on previous Nexus skates, the 1N now features Bauer’s Injected Stability Lacing System that gives the player more forward flex and enhanced stability on the ice. A much welcomed improvement over traditional eyelets, and we’ve been waiting for this upgrade since it was introduced on the Vapor APX 2 skate. The use of the system provides more control over the lacing fit and you won’t have to worry about the eyelets eventually rusting out over time, which is very common.


The tongue on the Bauer 1N is a combination of 52oz and 40oz felt with Curv composite inserts. The designers at Bauer set out to improve the overall integration of skate and foot, while still providing a high level of protection and increased support. We feel that Bauer definitely hit the mark with this, and the feedback we’ve received has been overwhelmingly positive!

Speed plate

Looking to gain even more speed? Look no further than the included Bauer Speed Plate which replaces a customary foam footbed, for something with a little more kick to add a bit of spring to your stride. During molding, the Speed Plate conforms to the bottom of your foot, creating a custom, supreme fit, allowing you to get the most out of your skate.

Lower features


To transfer power to the ice, the ultra-lightweight vented composite outsole is extremely stiff and rigid so you know you’ll get the most out of your stride. The vents provide additional airflow to the foot, and they help to wick away any excess moisture that may accumulate in the skate.
The LS4 is a completely new elite grade of stainless steel that has an improved surface finish for a cleaner, stronger sharpening edge. There’s also an additional 3mm in the steel height and an improved out of the box profile compared to Tuuk LS3.
The Tuuk Edge holder provides sharper and tighter turns without “bottoming out” through an increase of 3mm in overall height. It also features the innovative trigger system that allows players to change steel in seconds without missing a shift. This has been an innovative feature for those performance players that carry additional sets of steel – and chances are if you’re in the market for a pair of 1N skates you fit into the performance category.


We’re really impressed with the improved fit and added features to the Nexus skate. The Upgrades from the steel to the comfort edge have allowed Bauer to revitalize the Nexus into something truly worthy of being included in top-end discussion. With excellent responsiveness due to the stiffness of the boot and outsole, the LS4 steel and Lightspeed holders will provide top level players with that extra bit of performance. If you’re somebody that needs that wider, traditional fit we recommend you swing by the shop and give the Nexus 1N a shot.


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