Bauer Vapor 1X ’17 Ice Hockey Skate Review

Bauer Vapor 1X ’17 Ice Hockey Skate Review

Bauer is celebrating the 20th anniversary of the Vapor skate family and they’re doing it in style with their new Vapor 1X. The original Vapor skate brought revolutionary change in how skates were being made. It greatly reduced weight and its design was a game changer. We remember when that skate launched and it was so good that players were switching to it even if it wasn’t always the best fit for their feet.

Fast forward 20 years and quite a few new design components later – the new Vapor 1X skate is one of the most anticipated launches of the year and Bauer doesn’t disappoint. It truly is a beautiful skate.

Make no mistake, as sexy as this new Vapor 1X skate looks, it’s performance straddles the brainy innovation of a Tesla and sheer power of a Ferrari.


Fit is everything when it comes to skates…especially when you’re planning on dropping $1199 on a pair of wheels. The new Vapor 1X doesn’t disappoint. Building on the previous 1X model’s improved fit through the heel and slightly wider volume through the toe box, fans of the Vapor fit will be impressed with the out of the box comfort.

With a narrow fitting heel, mid fit through the instep and a the 1X gives one of the most common fit profiles for players coming to us looking for the perfect fit. Obviously, each player’s feet have unique things going on (I’m being nice here… we see some messed up feet) but the fit profile Bauer has developed for the Vapor family is a proven winner. Further to that, Bauer’s Curv composite allows us to easily adjust any special requirements.

As always, if you’re in the market for new skates, drop by and visit our store and get fitted by a skate fit pro for the perfect fit.

New features


Fit, flex, protection. The slow-molding insert of the FLEX-LOCK PRO tongue creates a locked in fit with forward flex and added protection.

One benefit about the FLEX-LOCK PRO tongue is how protective it will be. After several generations of tongues that skimped on protection to cut weight. Bauer did a nice job of beefing up their tongue without adding additional weight to the entire skate by cutting weight in other areas of the boot.


Lock it down, speed it up. Along with an already snug fitting heel, the LOCK-FIT PRO Liner does a nice job keep your foot locked in place. Less slippage is going to help with comfort and improve performance on stops and starts. Even though this new liner isn’t a feature that’s going to grab headlines, it’s a nice little extra that you’d expect from a high-end skate.

LOCK-FIT PRO Lace Facing

Lace up and GO. Is there anything more annoying than having to adjust your skates mid game? With an improved combination of additional lace lock and a softer flex composition, the new 1X injected lace facing helps create a locked in fit so you don’t have to think about your skates during your ice-time and your first stride is as fast as your last.

The original 1X model didn’t have notched eyelet holes and it was difficult to keep lace tension consistent. The Bauer Supreme 1S skate debuted with a similar notched design so we know it’s been validated. Another nice feature only found on Bauer’s top skate models.

Final Thoughts

This skate is work of art. Bauer has delivered on what they do best with their most successful skate family. Ever second year Bauer releases their new Vapor skate and our team are pumped for them to become available from today!

If the 1X is a bit too rich for your blood, make sure to check out our Source Exclusive model, the X700 ’17 Model.

As always, if you’re in the market for new skates, drop by and visit our store and get Fitted by a Certified skate fit pros for the perfect fit.

Sizing & Pricing

Senior $1099 6-12 full and half sizes / D, EE widths

Available in store and online now!