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June 29, 2021 3 min read

Packing your hockey bag for a road trip? Getting ready for practice? Don’t forget your skates and don’t blame your mum if she packs your bag.....

These are 5 things we recommend you keep in my bag and have all come in handy over the years:

No.1 - Tape

Lets face it as much as it sucks to buy, we all use tape. Everyone has a mate that never seems to have any and always sponges off you, trust me we know this from working in a hockey shop - We get repaid by borrowing their water on the bench when we forget! ( which is often ) We always keep a roll of sock tape and stick tape in our bags. It’s a necessity not only for having a freshly taped stick or holding your shin pads on, but the things we've used tape for over the years has varied from repairs on a blown-out skate, helmet pads to holding my elbow pads on!

No.2 – Spare Laces

When you upgrade your laces next time throw the old pair in the bottom of your bag, We've both been caught in sticky situations where ourselves or a team mate has blown a lace out mid game, or when a hulk tears them into pieces pre-game and that’s no time to get your wallet out and find old mate to open the local pro shop ( if you can find him ). The amount of times we've used laces for other things like holding our cover pants up when the crappy little plastic clip breaks or if your playing a dirty team and want to make a jersey tie down. They also come in handy if you have no tape for your shin pads...

No.3 – Stone / Sweet Stick

Don’t you hate it when your walking to the ice and hear that ever so heartbreaking noise of metal on cement? It's frustrating at the best of times! In our local rink the rubber mats on the bench have worn out and it happens all too often… Keeping a stone or better yet a re-edger will help ease the situation, in some cases you can manage to get that edge back to get you by for the rest of the game or until you can get them sharpened, by us :)

If you have new skates with the Tuuk lightpeed 2 edge blades, we highly recommend having a spare set of steel to keep in your bag along with a handy travel kit, the spares can even be sharpened out of your skates to save the messing around of having to drop your skates off and miss a ice time you wanted to make at short notice.

No.4 – Skate Socks

Unless your one of those freaks that doesn’t wear socks in your skates, ( normally the stinkiest guy in the room ) We always have a spare pair of skate socks in our bags, washed or not the worst thing is getting frozen toes towards the end of warm up from the plastic toe cap freezing over or worse, blisters! Its made even worse when you rock up to the rink at 5am and you realise you have to wear your ankle socks or you didn’t wear any in your ugg boots and your feet freeze over before you hit the ice.

No.5 - Tape tiger

This one is truly our best friend, and the reason we have plenty of friends on the team – Behold the tape tiger! Having one of these little beauty's is a MUST HAVE! Never again will you sit there for 10 mins removing the tape from your blade, or struggle to get that sock tape off your shin pads. This handy little tool is the best thing since sliced bread. We take it every where and hate ourselves when we forget or leave it behind. Equipped with a key ring you can put it on lock down in your bag as well.

There you have it. 5 simple things we keep in our bag's and what most seasoned hockey players around the world will have in their bag too...

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