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Bauer Protective Equipment Fit Guide

Since its beginnings in 1927, Bauer Hockey, Inc. has been one of the most recognizable brands in hockey. Bauer's two major lines of equipment were Vapor and Supreme since the early 2000's, and in 2012, Bauer came out with its third line of gear: Nexus. While these are all incredible lines of gear that can provide elite levels of performance, having the wrong type of gear for one's playing style can be very detrimental. So, what's the difference between the three? Let's take a look.

The Basics

This shows the styles of fit offered by Bauer - Vapor, Supreme & Nexus.


Vapor protective equipment features the same taper technology found in all the other lines of gear. In the shoulder pads, you will get a narrower fit in the abdomen and more padding in the shoulders to protect you from contact against the boards and/or other players. In the shin guards, you will get a narrower fit from the shins down to the ankles and more padding in the knees to protect against falls onto the ice. Last, for elbow pads, you will get more padding in the bicep region and have it taper down to a standard fit on the forearms.

The Vapor line of protective gear is best for players looking for elite mobility but not looking to sacrifice any protection or comfort.


Supreme pads will be the lowest-volume fit compared to Vapor and Nexus pads. The shoulder, shin, and elbow pads will sit very close to the body and use the spongy honeycomb-style padding all the way around each pad to give you 360 degree protection.

The Supreme line of protective padding is designed for players looking to stay lightweight, agile and powerful all game long.


Nexus pads have the classic fit where they are roomier and wider throughout the entire pad, making them the bulkiest of the three fits. The Nexus pads are considered to be the most comfortable when compared to Vapor and Supreme pads due to the amount of padding provided in the shin guards, shoulder, and elbow pads.

The Nexus line of pads from Bauer is designed for the player looking to power through opposing defenders and to stay protected from impact with the boards, pucks, and other players.


In conclusion, each type of pad is designed for a specific playing style. When shopping for Bauer gear, the three types of fit should just be the starting point for your research. Every level of product in the same Bauer family will have the same style of fit, but will just have different features.

The gear that will work the best for you is the one that fits you properly. Feel free to come into our store location  to have one of our helpful staff get you fitted correctly.

You can find all of the items above in our store and online and in-store at powerplaysport.com.au.


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