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June 19, 2020 3 min read

CCM Hockey Stick Guide

Over the past 6 months our range range has expanded tremendously, one of main focus was bring you products that have been scarce on the Australian market. Along with Sher-wood and Warrior we now carry the full range of CCM Hockey Skates, Sticks, Protective and a small range of accessories.

Today we are taking a look at the range of CCM Sticks available at Power Play Sports.


CCM's RBZ Revolution features the same custom kick point found in all of its predecessors, such as the RBZ, RBZ Stage 2, Superfast, and Speedburner. This custom kick point means the stick's shaft will flex wherever the lower hand is placed when shooting or passing. This will result in hard, accurate shots and crisp passes time and time again.

The biggest new feature found in the RBZ Revolution is the FacePlate Technology with Power Alloy found on the blade. The Power Alloy works in the same way as a Taylor Made golf driver - it adds strength and stability for a hotter face to maximize power.

While the RBZ stick line is great for shooters, it's not really ideal for danglers or puck handlers because it doesn't have great puck feel. Although CCM made some improvements to the Revolution's blade to improve it, both the Tacks and Ribcor lines have much better puck feel.

In terms of kick point and shooting, the RBZ stick line is most similar to the Bauer Nexus stick family.

NHL players using a RBZ Revolution stick: Nazem Kadri (TOR), Brent Burns ( SJS)


The new Super Tacks stick is considered to be CCM's true all-in-one stick. Trusted Tacks performance has been taken to the next level with its two distinctive loading zones. It allows for maximum loading on both wrist and slap shots due to the different stiffness zones. The Aculite blade is even lighter than the Ultra Attack Frame from the Super Tacks and the durability of the shaft has been increased. The new Super Tacks is a stick you can rely on no matter what the game situation.

The Tacks line features a mid-kick point with great puck feel which makes it ideal for heavy and precise slap shots, accurate saucer passes, and incredible stick handling. It is also perfect for players who are looking for a durable stick that will be put to the test game after game. CCM Tacks sticks are most similar to Bauer's Supreme stick line.

NHL players using a CCM Super Tacks stick: Connor McDavid (EDM), Patrice Bergeron (BOS), Seth Jones (CBJ), Evgeni Malkin (PIT).


The CCM Ribcor Trigger ASY brings players a low-kick point with amazing puck feel, thanks to the Ascent II blade. This blade has a soft heel for puck handling and a super stiff toe for shooting power. Therefore, the CCM Ribcor line is designed for players who like to stick handle through traffic and snipe one home with a lightning-fast release.

If you have been looking to replace that Bauer Vapor stick for a while, a stick from the CCM Ribcor line would be a great place to start.

NHL players using a CCM Ribcor Trigger ASY: Vladimir Tarasenko (STL), Matt Duchene (COL), Sidney Crosby (PIT), Nathan MacKinnon (COL).


In conclusion, each type of stick  is designed for a specific playing and shooting style. When shopping for new CCM stick, the flex point, curve and features should just be the starting point for your research.

The stick that will work the best for you is the one that suits your style of play. All sticks are available in store, so if your local don't hesitate to pop in say G'day and test out some of the awesome CCM sticks on our puck passer / Stick handling board.

Alternatively check out the specs online here:

Senior: Link

Intermediate: Link

Junior: Link


Power Play Sports
Power Play Sports

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