CCM Super Tacks Stick Review

CCM Super Tacks Stick Review

With the Super Tacks and Tacks sticks being both primarily mid-kick specialists, the experts at CCM have now gone ahead and changed the mould. The release of the Super Tacks stick brings about a new, true all-in-one stick designed to be used in every game situation and perform at the highest level. Though many people have relied on the Tacks as their primary stick, Super Tacks takes it to another level in terms of performance and features. With two distinct loading zones you can get the most out of any shot you take. Just one of the many new features brought to the Super Tacks, lets dive in a take a closer look.

Dual Flex

The most prevalent change seen on the Super Tacks is without a doubt, the introduction of the dual flex profile. CCM claims that having two distinct flex zones allows for maximum loading on both wrist and slap shots due to having different stiffness points on the shaft. The new flex profile is in fact an optimized version of the previous mid-kick design, providing players with a softer loading area for wrist shots, as well as a stiffer one for slap shots. No matter where you are on the ice, or type of shot you’re taking, expect that Super Tacks will provide the best flex profile possible.


The Ultra Tacks is a well balanced stick, but there are always improvements that can be made. CCM introduces their new AcuLite blade which features a reduced overall weight for better balance. Further, the reduction in weight allows for better feel for the puck and better feel throughout. Additionally, perhaps an even larger feat, is that CCM maintained strength in the blade so you know you will get that same great accuracy you except.

Bumper Tech – Improved

An important upgrade that was present on the CCM Ultra Tacks stick was the use of their bumper technology. Bumper tech was used throughout the shaft to absorb impacts to the shaft for increased durability. CCM went ahead and improved upon their initial design with bumper technology integrated throughout the “slash zone” to further increased the strength of the shaft. The slash zone refers to the most vulnerable section of the shaft of the stick, and it’s nice to see that CCM upgraded this section to make breakage less of a concern.


The Super Tacks is currently more lightweight than last-generation’s Ultra Tacks. CCM’s goal was to create a more balanced stick with better control, and increased feel and they certainly hit the mark. By decreasing the weight of the stick, while increasing or maintaining the strength in key areas such as the shaft or blade help provide players with a better performing stick for the value. Shoot a few pucks with the Super Tacks stick and you’ll immediately notice the difference when compared to the rest of the CCM lineup.

Also, the Super Tacks features a spiffy graphic, sticking with the yellow and black theme. The stick’s lower portion is black so you can easily spot it on the ice when your head is up. The subtle yellow graphics on the upper shaft are an added touch and make this stick stand out from the rest of the pack.


CCM has kept the same great performance you would expect from the Tacks lineup, yet have provided some essential upgrades. Starting with the dual flex points on the shaft, the Super Tacks becomes a multifaceted tool that players can utilize and get the most out of no matter what type of shot they’re taking. Additional strength upgrades to the shaft with enhanced bumper technology add to the lifespan of the stick, and the new and much improved AcuLite blade brings a much better feel for the puck on the ice. Combined, these upgrades bring about extra performance, and honestly, the Super Tacks is perhaps one of the best CCM sticks we’ve ever tested.

We have plenty at the shop so drop by and give the CCM Super Tacks stick a test on our puck passer, you’ll be surprised.

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