Alkali Revel 6 Inline Hockey Skate

Skate Size

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The Alkali Revel 6 Inline Hockey Skateare a perfect pickup for the beginner or casual player looking for good value, performance and comfort. The Revel 6 offers excellent boot support for the price, which makes it perform better and last longer. It is also heat moldable, which creates a custom-like fit and reduces break-in time before ever hitting the rink.

Internally, Alkali used extra-thick ankle foams that provide top-notch comfort right out of the box. They also help to keep the feet comfortably planted inside too. The pro-style felt tongue does a great job of protecting the top of the foot from impacts and lace bite with its thick, reinforced design.

Quarter Package:
  • Nylon with Revel CX Technology
  • Excellent support and stability, ideal for the beginner or casual player
  • CX Tech provides enhanced comfort and performance through its compression molding process
  • Flexible tendon guard, forward boot rake (or lean) and toe spring all help promote the ideal roller hockey stride
  • Heat moldable for a custom fit and reduced break-in time
  • Comfort Edge collar padding to alleviate ankle irratation
  • Comfortable brushed Nylex that also wicks away moisture
Tongue Construction:
  • Two-piece, Vented Pro Felt
  • Thick design protects the top of the foot from impacts and lace-bite
  • Ventilated center to promote consistent airflow
  • Embossed PVC Plastic
  • Delivers a perfect balance of lateral support and forgiveness
  • Two-Piece Alkali Rize Aluminum Chassis
  • Larger rear wheels with smaller front wheels increase agility without compromising top-end speed
  • Alkali Swift 74A (Soft) Indoor Wheels
  • Single durometer, smaller core design allows the outer urethane to flex maximizing grip.
  • ABEC 7 608 Bearings
  • Skate Width: D

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