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Bauer 1X Goalie Knee Guard

Bauer 1X Goalie Knee Guard

The Bauer Vapor 1X Goalie Knee Guardsare not only lighter than ever before but they are also more protective and comfortable too. The bulk of the protection comes from the Curv composite knee cap and the new AeroLite foam reinforcement. AeroLite is one the lightest foams Bauer has to offer but its other unique feature is that it doesn't absorb water like traditional foams. This keeps goalies from carrying around excessive water logged weight and it keeps the body dry all game long too.

The new Transfer Mesh and 37.5 Liner play a big role in moisture management as well. Transfer Mesh is a specially engineered mesh that promotes significantly better airflow than traditional mesh. 37.5 technology is directly integrated into the fabric and actually uses a player's body heat to evaporate sweat. Traditional moisture management relied upon moisture wicking, which simply spreads out sweat over a larger surface area so it can dry faster.
  • Construction:
    • High-grade nylon construction
    • Transfer Mesh Liner with 37.5 Technology
      • Provides the best breathability and moisture-wicking properties on the market
      • Extremely comfortable
  • Protection:
    • Curv® composite shield
      • Ultra light weight
      • Complete wrap around protection
    • AeroLite foam thigh and knee protection
      • Delivers top-notch protection with foam that is ultra lightweight and doesn't absorb water like traditional foams
  • Fit:
    • Elastic anchor straps

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