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Bauer Elite Senior Goalie Pants


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The Bauer Elite Goalie Pants offer trusted protection and mobility for even the highly competitive goaltender. On top of the hip protection are cheater blocks, which are thick foam blocks that not only add protection but increase net coverage. Plus, the thighs feature double adjustable pillows for fit and protection as well as loops for knee guard attachment.

Bauer's Dynamic 2 Flex construction helps the hip and thick lower thigh protection to seamlessly overlap one another so goalies can obtain a full range of motion between movements and cross-crease pushes. Additionally, a floating spine protector keeps coverage close-to-the-body while maintaining full mobility.

Attached to the suspender buttons is a 1" extension system, allowing the pants to extend for the taller goalie or the individual who quickly grew between seasons. An internal and external belt provides goalies with a fully customized fit adjustment and excellent comfort throughout the game. Finally, Bauer's Thermo Max+ liner adds an extremely soft feel while excelling at wicking away sweat and moisture.

  • Construction:
    • Durable polyester shell with synthetic leather lower thigh edges
    • Cable knit nylon around the waist and on the hips
      • Adds durability and abrasion resistance
    • Dynamic 2 Flex
      • Allows hip and thigh protection to overlap for better mobility while maintaining consistent coverage
    • Thermo Max+ Liner
      • Extremely soft and comfortable that excels at wicking away sweat and moisture to keep you cool and dry throughout the game
    • Stretch crotch and inner leg gusset for added mobility
    • Embroidered and 3D chrome Bauer Elite graphics
  • Protection:
  • Fit:
    • Anatomical waist and relaxed legs for maximum coverage and mobility
    • Skate lace closure with internal and external adjustable nylon belts
      • Allows goalies to fine-tune their fit and have the pants stay secure on the waist
  • Weight:
  • 3.9 lbs/1.8kg (Based on a Senior MD)