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Bauer GSX Senior Goalie Chest & Arm Protector

The Bauer GSX Goalie Chest Protector features the most adjustment of any recreational chest protector with arm, collar, and belly modifications. These key areas allow goalies to fine-tune their coverage for optimal protection at every angle.

A 3-piece belly wrap and floating sternum guard also enable the high-density foam protection to better wrap the body while allowing for great mobility. Additionally, the arms are constructed with Dynamic 3 Flex Construction, an incredible design that allows each arm to achieve a full range of motion without exposing gaps in protection.

Internally, Bauer used their Thermo Max+ liner, a soft and comfortable lining material that excels at wicking away sweat and moisture throughout the game.
  • Construction
    • A durable and lightweight mix of nylon and polyester
    • Screen-printed Bauer GSX graphics
    • Hybrid style fit
      • Offers the perfect blend of coverage, protection, and mobility
    • Thermo Max+ Liner
      • Extremely soft and comfortable that excels at wicking away sweat and moisture to keep you cool and dry throughout the game
  • Shoulder:
    • Segmented panels wrap over the shoulders 
      • Built with high-density foam for lightweight protection
    • Padded, molded PE shoulder caps
    • Collar Adjustment System
      • Velcro adjustment system ensures full coverage to the clavicle and throat
  • Chest:
    • 3-piece belly wrap with floating sternum guard
      • Allows the chest protection to contour and flex with the body
      • Dual-density foam blocks provide great impact cushioning and protection
    • Medium-density foam neck collar protection
    • High-density foam core extension system
      • Adjustable for added coverage or removable
      • Perfect for growing players
  • Arms:
    • Dynamic 3 Flex Arm Construction
      • Gives the arm much more flexibility by allowing all the arm protection to overlap one another without exposing gaps in protection
    • F1 Foam
      • Lightweight yet strong protection to puck impacts
    • Extension Fit System
      • Velcro adjustment underneath the shoulder caps
      • Ideal for players who have a smaller torso and longer arms
      • Perfect for growing players
    • Anatomically molded plastic bicep, elbow, and forearm caps
  • Back:
    • Molded plastic spine protector with standard foam reinforcement
      • Hybrid shape contours to the body
  • Fit:
    • Collar adjustment system
      • 1.5" elastic nylon Velcro straps
    • Arm extension system
      •  1.5" nylon Velcro straps
    • 1" nylon Velcro wrist strap
    • 2" plastic torso buckle closure
  • Weight:
    • 5.4 lbs (Based on a Senior MD)