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Bauer GSX Senior Goalie Catcher


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The Bauer GSX Goalie Catcher is a great choice for the recreational or casual goalie. It features an easy closure and a break angle that offers the perfect balance for catching pucks and stickhandling.

A double T pocket provides better puck retention so goalies can hang on to big glove saves. Surrounding the hand is good protection to stingers while allowing for good wrist mobility.

Goalies can easily adjust their fit with the Fast Strap system and Velcro closures within the backhand. Additionally, an Air Mesh liner provides great breathability to help cool the hand during the game.

  • Model Number: 1056412
  • Heritage: Supreme S27 / S170
  • Level of Play:
    Beginner -> Intermediate
  • Hand Selection:
    Regular = Catcher used on the left hand
    Full Right = Catcher used on the right hand 

  • Construction:
    • A hybrid between Supreme and Vapor Catchers
      • Supreme size and closure with the backside of Vapor for wrist mobility
    • Synthetic leather and durable polyester
    • Broken-in fit
    • 1-piece molded cuff
      • Helps direct pucks into the glove and improve wrist mobility
  • Closure:
  • Pocket:
    • Double T-trap pocket
      • Easier to open and close catcher
      • Provides better puck retention
  • Frontside Protection: 
    • Molded poly and foam protection
      • Helps with a quick break-in and protects the palm and fingers
  • Backside Protection:
    • Segmented foam outer wrist flap
    • Medium-density foam hand flap
    • High-density foam finger protection
      • Provides strong protection to the fingers when in the RVH
    • Large thumb box to provide maximum protection
  • Inside:
    • Nash palm
      • Good moisture wicking
      • Comfortable
    • Air Mesh Liner
      • Provides great breathability
  • Fit:
    • Fast Strap
      • Nylon wrist strap secures catcher while maintaining great wrist mobility
      • Quick and easy adjustment
    • Velcro palm strap
      • Keeps palm locked down for quick hand closure