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Bauer Hi-Lo Aluminium Inline Chassis

The Bauer Hi-Lo Aluminium Inline Chassis is a cost-effective replacement frame that features the most popular wheel set-up in the game. The Hi-Lo aluminum frame holds (2) 76mm wheels in the front with (2) 80mm wheels in the rear. This one of a kind set up give players an aggressive angle of attack for better agility, power and balance. Included with the chassis is a full kit of bearing spacers and axles for standard-sized bearings.
  • Model Number: 1053513
  • Includes:
  • 2 - Aluminum Hi-Lo Chassis
  • 8 - 6mm Round Flush 2-Piece Silver Axles
  • 8 - Long Sleeved 608 bearing Spacers
  • 1 - Axle Tool