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Bauer Hockey Sauce Half Kit

The Bauer Hockey Sauce Half Kit is a great way to train and improve your skills while having fun perfecting your saucer passes! This backyard game allows you to bring the fun anywhere you go and is set up just like cornhole/bean bag toss but with hockey sticks. Four soft rubber pucks are divided into two colors to help separate teams, which can be played with two or more people.

The goal comes fully assembled so you can start playing right away and is built with metal posts and real twine netting! It even includes shoulder straps so you can easily carry the game to your location. The net also folds and locks in place to keep the saucer pucks secured when not in use.

Includes (1) x Goal
(4) x Saucer Pucks (2 red, 2 orange)
(1) x AAA Synthetic Ice Boards (23.5"Wx 31.5"L)
(2) x Peg Posts to Affix Goals to Boards