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Bauer Lightspeed 5 Carbon Edge Runners

Skate Size
The Bauer Lightspeed 5 Carbon Edge Runnersare the most advanced set of steel Bauer has ever produced. The most noticeable difference is the enhanced edge bite the Carbon-Nitrite outer coating provides compared to traditional steel. Most players are using 1 to 2 duller hollow profiles to get the same level of edge bite, which results in a noticeable amount of extra glide without sacrificing bite. (See below for a list of compatible skate models)
  • Premium steel that is stronger and harder than before
  • Provides better bite, longer sharpening life and resists chips/nicks
  • Replacement or upgraded steel for Lightspeed Edge holder ONLY
  • Includes the LS Edge Tool for easy removal of the runners
  • 10 ft radius
  • These runners are sold in pairs
  • Even longer sharpening life than standard runners
  • Senior sizes 6-12

It's always a good idea to carry in your bag an extra set of runners so you never miss a shift. Check out Bauer's Tuuk Lightspeed Service and Travel Kit for a convenient storage case that will save your bag and preserve your runners.