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Bauer LS Pulse TI Goal Runner


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The Bauer Tuuk Lightspeed Pulse Ti Edge Runners are built with an ultra-premium blade core for incredible on-ice performance and durability. It's then coated with a Titanium finish that will provide goalies with a premium edge retention, better grip, and consistent performance game after game.

It's always a good idea to carry in your bag an extra set of runners so you never miss a shift. Check out Bauer's Tuuk Lightspeed Edge Travel Kit for a convenient storage case that will save your bag and preserve your runners.
Model Number 1057769
Skate Compatibility Bauer Goalie Skates with the Vertexx Edge Holder (2016+)
Holder Compatibility Vertexx Edge Holder
Skate Size Compatibility 4 - 12
Includes Complete set of runners (left and right)
Titanium Outer Coating
This surface gives the steel better edge retention and grip, providing more consistency during use, while maintaining speed.
21mm Steel Height
One of the highest steel profiles on the market that provides tighter turns, harder stops, and extends the sharpening lifespan over standard steel runners.

Steel Grade Premium-Grade
Surface Finish Titanium Coating
Steel Height 21mm