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Bauer Nexus 2N Senior Hockey Gloves

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Bauer Nexus 2N Senior Hockey Gloves

The Bauer Nexus 2N Glovesis the top of the line model in this third generation of Bauer's traditionally-fitting 4-roll Nexus Line. The Bauer Nexus 2N showcases a new finger gusset construction taken straight from the pros; the finger webbings are a breathable mesh material while the fingertips boast traditional but pro-preferred nash. The end result is a very comfortable, breathable and durable finger construction that finally made its way from the NHL to retail.

Also new to the 2N is the Adjustable Split Cuff design that allows players to adjust how open or closed the cuff opening is. Just above the "a" in Bauer, the cuff splits into two but attach to each other with velcro. This allows them to adjust by overlapping more or less, which expands or contracts the cuff's opening to a player's liking. Internally, the cuff also boasts PE inserts for better protection, something the 1N did not come with.

The rest of the protection package consists of dual-density EPP foam with more PE inserts. EPP does an excellent, top-notch job of dissipating impact energy but it is significantly lighter than traditional foam. Staying true to Nexus DNA, the 2N boasts a Quattro Pro Grip Palm that combines modern day technology with a classic look. This material, made by AX Suede, provides some of the best durability, stick feel and moisture-management that older gloves could only dream of.
  • Exterior:
    • Pro Nylon & Cable Mesh
      • Premium durability without sacrificing breathability or flexibility
    • 3D embroidered Bauer cuff logo
    • Stitched graphics throughout
  • Protection:
    • Dual-Density EPP Foams with PE Inserts
      • High-end impact protection without unnecessary weight
        • Found in the fingers, backhand, finger block and upper cuff
      • Traditionally boxy foam shape
    • Patented Three-Piece Flex Lock Thumb
      • Allow for maximum dexterity while preventing hyper-extension
  • Palm:
    • New AX Suede Quattro Grip Palm with Pro-Style Overlay
      • Triple-fiber blend that provides exceptional feel and superior abrasion resistance
      • Resists water uptake to keep the gloves lightweight and dry during use, which also makes them less susceptible to cracking over time
      • Pro-style Nash Finger Tip gussets
        • Inspired by Bauer Pro's, the hybrid-style finger gussets combine the durability of Nash with the breathability and flexibility of mesh
  • Liner:
    • 37.5™ Microfiber and Sanitized® Technology
      • Soft material that uses a player's body heat to evaporate sweat instead of wicking it way
      • Sanitized® Technology is directly integrated into the liner during the manufacturing process for optimal effectiveness throughout the pad's lifespan
        • Prevents the development of odor-causing bacteria and provides long-lasting freshness
  • Fit:
    • Traditional fit - Relaxed in the fingers, backhand, and cuff; classic fit
    • New Adjustable Split Cuff Design
      • Provides better coverage without sacrificing mobility
      • Adjustable design allows players to change how open or how closed the cuff opening is
    • 2-piece segmented fingers
  • Sizes:
    • 13", 14", 15"
  • Weight:
    • 299 grams (Based on 14" Gloves)