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Bauer Nexus 3N Pro Grip Senior Hockey Stick

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The Bauer Nexus 3N Pro Stick brings truly elite-level performance to a much more affordable price than top-end sticks. To top it off, this 3N Pro replaces the previous 2N Pro but is even more durable and accurate than before.. all at a less expensive original price!

The ER Spine Technology first debuted in the Nexus ADV and is the driving factor for weight reduction in the 3N Pro. This angular shape allows Bauer to use less carbon fiber for the same level of strength and stiffness. Plus, it fits much more comfortably in the hands than a traditional shaft shape too!

The blade of the 3N Pro is seriously upgraded this year too. The new Dual-Bridge Core with Max Balance Technology creates much better stability, which increases accuracy and overall consistency too. Bauer then wrapped the whole thing in their premier TeXtreme Carbon Fiber that is one of the lightest and strongest materials they currently have in their arsenal!

Level of Play Elite
Flex Profile Mid Kick
Weight 420 grams (@ 60" in 85 flex)
Heritage Nexus 2N Pro / 1N / 8000 / 1000
Model Number 1056984
Available Flexes 87, 77, 70, 65, 55


ER Spine Technology
Revolutionary 5-sided shaft shape that creates a spine along the backside. This reduces carbon fiber layers while making it easier to load and with more control!
HP (High-Performance) Mold
Provides very similar performance and playability as a true one-piece stick but at a fraction of the cost!
TeXtreme Carbon Fiber Blade
Ultra high-performance material that is featherlight and incredibly strong too. This provides a better-balanced feel in the hands and increased responsiveness too!

Construction HP Mold 1-Piece
ER Spine Technology
Materials Unidirectional Carbon Fiber
Grip Finish Tacky Grip
Shaft Dimensions Round Corners, Straight Sidewalls
Stick Lengths 62" (87, 77 flex)
60" (70 flex)
57" (65, 55 flex)


Kick Point Mid Kick
Shot Profile Versatile, all-around playmaker
Shaft Taper ER Spine Technology


Construction Max Balance
Materials TeXtreme 18K Carbon Fiber
Dual-Bridge Core
Face Texture Standard
Available Curves P28, P88, P92