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Bauer Nexus N7000 Griptac Senior Hockey Stick '17

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Bauer Nexus N7000 Griptac Senior Hockey Stick '17

The 2017 Nexus lineup from Bauer is all about allowing you to hit what you’re aiming for every time. As Bauer’s TRU mid-kick flex profile this Nexus construction has become one of the most sought after sticks amongst NHL players. This year the revamped N7000 features Bauer’s Sweet Spot Technology, an enlarged mid kick zone that Bauer has re-engineered to allow for more efficient loading and energy transfer in your shot.

The Nexus N7000 is a proven traditional fused two-piece stick composed primarily with a visible composite (carbon fiber/fiberglass) construction throughout the shaft. Probably the biggest change to this stick is going to be with the introduction of Bauer’s Control Shaft geometry. In order to improve grip and contact with the stick, the N7000 comes tooled with shaft corners that have been made 14% rounder than the previous Nexus geometry. To finish off this new rounded feel the N7000 will only be available in a nice Griptac finish.

Moving further down the stick, you will find the Power Profile Dual Taper. This is a moderate taper that provides a little more thickness in the hosel of the tapered area to boost torsional stiffness and durability in order to allow you to more easily load up for powerful shots. Bauer's expanded throat of the Pure Shot Blade Profile also means less torquing and twisting, thus improving accuracy and blade control.

Moving down to the blade; the internals are composed of a dual density foam core blade which still has a softer feel to help compliment the Sweet Spot Mid Kick point. This is all wrapped up in a BimaX 3K composite weave; a carbon weave material known for its high tensile strength which is going to add performance and durability at this price point.

Player Profile A competitive level stick built to maintain control of the puck in every situation, it has great feel and allows you to load from anywhere on the ice.
Kick Point / Flex Profile Nexus TRU Mid-kick flex profile with improved Sweet Spot Technology
Shaft Construction Visible Carbon composite w/ fused construction
Shaft Geometry Control Shaft - Double concave walls
Shaft Coating Griptac
Shaft Taper Power Profile Dual Taper
Blade Core Dual density core blade, Pure Shot blade profile
Blade Wrap BimaX 3K carbon fiber construction
Blade Coating Matte finish
Stick Used for Measurement -
*Average Weight (gm) pending
*Average Weight (oz) pending
Actual length (in) 60"