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Bauer NSX Youth Hockey Shoulder Pads

Size Guide

The Bauer NSX Youth Hockey Shoulder Pads are lightweight and mobile for young, new-to-hockey players. Majority of the protection is medium-density foam which provides the protection needed to play the game while keeping weight at a minimum. The NSX Youth Shoulder Pads provide learning players with extra plastic protection on top of the shoulders, the sternum, and the biceps. In case a puck or stick accidentally hits the player, the plastic reinforcement helps to absorb and deflect the impact energy.

The NSX bicep guards feature an EZ fit sleeve for players to quickly slip into and an oversized head opening to make dressing times much shorter. Around the torso are two 1.5" Velcro elastic straps to connect the front and rear panel protection in place. The Bauer NSX Shoulder's utilize a hydrophobic mesh liner that helps to quickly wick away sweat and moisture to keep the gear dry and lightweight.

  • Model Number: 1054674
  • Heritage: New
  • Level of Play Guideline: Recreational 
  • Front Panel:
    • One-piece with molded plastic sternum guard
      • Sternum guard provides excellent protection for a vital part of the chest
      • Medium-density foam base balances protection with mobility 
  • Rear Panel:
    • One-piece medium-density foam construction
  • Shoulder Caps:
    • Low-profile molded plastic with medium-density foam base
  • Bicep Guards:
    • Medium-density foam with injected plastic insert
  • Collarbone Protection:
    • Medium-density foam
  • Liner: 
    • Hydrophobic mesh
      • Helps to wick away moisture to keep gear dry and lightweight
    • Oversized head opening with comfort foam collar
  • Strap System:
    • Stomach
      • 1.5" elastic Velcro torso straps
    • Bicep
      • 2.5" nylon EZ strap
      • Arm slips into bicep guard for quick and easy dressing
  • Fit:
    • Tapered fit
      • The fit narrows toward the abdomen, providing excellent coverage and protection without sacrificing mobility or responsiveness
  • Weight:
    • 300 grams (Based on a YTH LG)