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The Bauer Sling Stick is designed to take your shot to a new level with its cutting-edge SlingTech 2.0 blade, ER Spine Technology and only the most advanced materials in their arsenal.  At just 375 grams with a 10% faster-shot release and a 15% more durable blade, it even blows the previous generation of Nexus ADV out of the water. 

The updated SlingTech 2.0 blade makes for one of the most responsive and effortlessly-releasing designs in the game today. The hole allows the Sling Stick to more easily load-and-release shot energy since it reacts like a sling shot; the upper maintains stability for accuracy but the bottom straight slings pucks into the back of the net like nothing else. Not to mention, this unique action makes catching passes and stickhandling a dream! 

The impressive 375 gram weight is no joke either. Bauer utilized Nexus' signature ER Spine technology that sheds weight without compromising durability or strength thanks to the unique shaft dimensions through the middle and lower thirds. They used only their most prized materials like Asymmetrical TeXtreme Carbon Fiber and DuraFlex Resin in their MonoComp True One-Piece construction process that make sure a player gets every ounce of power into their shot.

SlingTech 2.0
Even better than the original, the improved unique design releases the puck 10% faster while even upgrading durability by 15% too.
ER Spine Technology
Revolutionary 5-sided shaft shape that creates a spine along the backside. This reduces carbon fiber layers while making it easier to load and with more control!
Optimized TeXtreme Carbon Fiber 
With their most advanced material, they further improve the impact durability by reinforcing key areas targeted during intense R&D.

Construction MonoComp 1-Piece
ACL Technology
ER Spine Technology
Materials Asymmetrical TeXtreme Carbon
DuraFlex Resin System
Grip Finish Tacky Grip
Shaft Dimensions Round Corners, Straight Sidewalls
Stick Lengths 60" (87, 77, 70 flex)
57" (65, 58 flex)


Kick Point Mid Kick
Shot Profile Versatile, all-around playmaker
Shaft Taper ER Spine Technology


Construction SlingTech 2.0
Materials TeXtreme 18K Carbon Fiber
Vertical Carbon Fiber Bridges
Face Texture Standard
Available Curves P92