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Bauer Supreme 2S Pro Senior Elbow Pads

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Bauer Supreme 2S Pro Senior Elbow Pads

The Bauer Supreme 2S Pro Elbow Pads were built for the player looking for elite level protection, comfort, and fit. The 2S Pro now boasts Curv Composite, one of the strongest, lightest, and protective materials on the market today. Curv is located on the outside of the bicep and top of the forearm, two areas that are prone to slashing. Even though Curv Composite is a stiff, rigid material, Bauer molded the Composite anatomically for the arm, which ends up feeling like it was custom made. On the opposite side is Vent Armor Foam, highly breathable protection that also helps in reducing weight of the 2S elbow pad.

Located between the Vent Armor Foam and molded PE elbow cap is Bauer's new AMP (Active Motion Protection) Construction. The forearm protection is able to move and flex with the arm to increase mobility and keep protection close to the body. Taking big falls or hard collisions can happen at any moment and the elbow joint sometimes takes the worst of it. Bauer made sure to cover these scenario's with their high-end Poron XRD Foam inside the elbow doughnut. With a memory like construction, Poron absorbs high mass impacts and reduces the impact energy placed on the elbow joint.

The 2S Pro has a three piece strapping system that utilizes a Ventaprene Y-shaped anchor strap. Made to increase airflow and comfort, the anchor strap also helps keep the elbow locked into the doughnut while the other two 1.5" elastic nylon straps keep the protection locked and contoured to the arm. Internally the arm rests on top of an extremely comfortable Thermo Core Liner that excels in sweat, moisture, and odor management.

  • Bicep:Curv Composite
      • Strategically used for low mass, high velocity impacts such as slashing or puck contact
      • Carbon composite that is extremely strong and lightweight
      • Same composite technology found in the top end skates
    • High-density foam with injected PE insert
  • Elbow Cap:
    • Molded plastic elbow cap
      • High-level of protection to key impact area
    • Poron XRD Foam elbow doughnut
      • Absorbs impact energy
      • Closed-cell, memory like foam that is very comfortable and does not absorb water
  • Forearm:
    • Anatomically molded Curv Composite
      • Elite level slash protection
      • Lined with medium-density foam for added comfort and impact absorption
    • Vent Armor Foam
      • Lightweight, breathable protection
      • Designed for high mass, low velocity impacts
  • Liner:
    • Thermo Core Liner
      • Elite level sweat, moisture, and odor management
      • Anti-microbial
      • Soft and comfortable
  • Strapping:
    • Three-strap system
      • 1.5" elastic bicep guard strap
      • Ventaprene Y-shaped anchor strap
      • 1.5" elastic forearm strap
    • Designed to keep the elbow comfortable and secure in the pocket
  • Fit:
    • Anatomical fit
      • Contouring design for responsive fit and optimal mobility
    • Three-piece construction
      • AMP split cap design increases range of motion
      • Floating bicep for ultimate coverage and mobility
  • Weight:
    • 328 grams (Based on a SR MD)