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Bauer Supreme 2S Pro Senior Hockey Gloves

Size Guide
Bauer Supreme 2S Pro Senior Hockey Gloves

The Bauer Supreme 2S Pro Hockey Gloveshowcases new and improved features that result in one of the most broken-in and game ready fits on the market today. Each finger rests comfortably against the new Hyper Sense Finger Liner, an extremely soft material that makes you forget you're even wearing hockey gloves. Helping to achieve that broken-in fit is the result of a re-designed knuckle break, which allows the glove to wrap much better over the back of the hand.

To take it one step further, Bauer introduces their AMP cuff construction, helping players to maximize their wrist mobility for top shelf wristers and the undressing of defensemen. The AMP cuff is attached to the body with a stretch lycra material to react to every move and prevent a gap in protection.

The Bauer 2S Pro showcases an unreal protection package that consists of Triple Shox Foam and Poron XRD. Triple Shox is three different densities of foams to reduce weight while increasing protection and doesn't require plastic reinforcement. Bauer used Triple Shox Foam in the fingers on glove sizes 13+, while Dual Shox Foam constructs the fingers for the smaller sizes.

Poron XRD, a heavier but highly protective memory like foam is used on the backhand, one of the areas on the body that takes repeated slashes. Together they work to balance out weight and provide players with some of the best slash and shot protection on the market. In scenerios where slashes come up high, Bauer constructed the AMP cuff and cuff roll with hard high-density foam to protect and cover the wrist. While the 3-piece thumb drastically improves forward flexion, it still prevents the thumb from hyperextending.

One of the standout features of the 2S Pro is the exterior design. Bauer used high quality cable knit and pro nylon mesh for elite level durability and added PU leather on the backhand and cuff for added visual pop. A 3D chrome Bauer logo and 2S Pro cuff label complete the visual richness of the Bauer 2S Pro Hockey Glove.

On the other side, the Pro Feel Palm with Ivory microsuede is one of the most popular choices amongst NHL pro's. It provides a classic feel for the stick with added durability from the overlay down through the center and up on the thumb. Finishing off the 2S Pro is the internal Thermo Core Liner, a premium addition from Bauer that excels in managing sweat and moisture, and controlling odor causing bacteria.
  • Exterior:
    • Pro nylon & cable knit mesh with PU Leather accents
      • Breathable and flexible material for a broken-in feel right out of the box
      • Printed graphic overlay for a richer look
    • 3D chrome Bauer cuff logo with a chrome thumb accent
    • 3D 2S Pro cuff logo
  • Protection:
    • Triple Shox & Poron XRD Foam package
      • Triple Shox used in the fingers on Senior sizes
      • Dual Shox used in the fingers on Junior sizes
      • Poron XRD used in the backhand
      • Provides elite level slash and impact protection
    • Plastic reinforcement on the finger block
    • Patented 3-piece Free Flex Thumb
      • Increases thumb dexterity while maintaining hyperextension prevention
      • Topped with thick high-density foam
    • Thick HD cuff roll and cuff
      • Lightweight, elite level level slash protection
  • Palm:
    • Hyper Sense Finger Liner
      • Extra soft material that adds comfort to each finger
    • Pro Feel Palm with Ivory Nash Microsuede
      • Added overlay for increased durability
      • Pro preferred stick feel
  • Liner:
    • Thermo Core Liner
      • Elite level sweat and moisture management
      • Prevents odor causing bacteria
      • Soft and comfortable
  • Fit:
    • Contoured - Anatomical and form-fitting in the fingers, backhand, and cuff
      • Reduced negative space gives a close-to-the-body fit and feel
    • AMP Flex Cuff Design
      • Stretch lycra material connects cuff to the body for ultimate wrist mobility
      • Keeps protection in place
    • 3-piece index finger construction
  • Sizes:
    • 10", 11", 12", 13", 14", 15"
  • Weight:
    • 299 grams (Based on a 14")