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Bauer Supreme 2S Senior Hockey Shoulder Pads

Size Guide

The Bauer Supreme 2S Senior Hockey Shoulder Pads are loaded with features that give players a taste of pro-level equipment and performance without the pro-level price tag. Bauer wanted to achieve more comfort and mobility this year, and they certainly did not fall short. Not only will players of any skill level be able to benefit from the protection and mobility in the 2S, but they will also receive some amazing breathability to keep them cooler all game long.

Starting off with protection, the Bauer 2S Shoulder Pads utilize Vent Armor Foam in the front and rear panels, and outside of the shoulder caps. Vent Armor Foam is designed to maintain top-level protection while having some of the best breathability on the market. Down the sternum is high-density molded foam with a hidden plastic insert to reinforce a vital area and all topped with a matte PU leather for strong visual detail. From there the arch protection anatomically wraps over the collarbone to the back panels, offering players some of the best arch protection on the market with its high-density foam and plastic insert construction.

The 2S shoulder caps showcase IX Foam for elite-level impact absorption. IX Foam is strictly designed for high energy impacts and collisions, absorbing the energy before it reaches the shoulder joint. Each bicep piece has injected molded plastic for slash and shot protection and lined with medium-density foam for added comfort and impact absorption. The Bauer 2S spine guard and side rib panels feature high-density molded foam for lightweight and mobile protection.

Bauer is introducing their AMP construction in their 2019 Supreme line and they have incorporated AMP into the chest and bicep. The front two panels attach via an elastic nylon to increase mobility while the sternum guard floats on top to keep protection properly covering the center of the chest. The 2-piece bicep guards attach to one another with a vented mesh nylon to help players get better range of motion and airflow. They can also be adjusted lengthwise to completely seal the gap between the elbow pad so no area is left exposed to pucks and wild sticks.

The Bauer 2S Shoulder Pads have a perforated foam base which allows a ton of airflow throughout the protection in order to keep you cooler and dryer throughout the game. The interior is lined with Bauer's Thermo Max+ liner, which excels at managing sweat and moisture and is also anti-microbial to fight off odor causing bacteria.

  • Model Number:¬†1054634
  • Heritage: S190 / Supreme 190 / ONE.8
  • Level of Play Guideline:¬†Performance¬†
  • Front Panel:
    • Three-piece construction
      • 2-piece panel design with floating sternum guard
      • Increases mobility and keeps protection in place
    • Sternum constructed with molded HD foam and injected plastic insert
    • Vent Armor Foam with perforated foam base panels
      • Located on the two base panels and lower belly protection
      • Lightweight, breathable protection
    • Removable belly guard
      • Extended core protection
  • Rear Panel:¬†
    • One-piece construction
    • Molded high-density foam spine and rib protection
    • Perforated foam side panels topped with Vent Armor Foam
      • Highly breathable and lightweight protection
  • Shoulder Caps:
    • Anatomically-shaped injected molded caps
      • Low profile reduces bulk without sacrificing coverage
      • IX Foam
        • High performance foam that excels at absorbing impact energy
      • Surrounding MD foam for comfortable protection
  • Bicep Guards:
    • 2-piece AMP construction
      • Molded, anatomically shaped plastic
      • Lined with perforated and medium-density foam
      • Attached to each other with mesh nylon for enhanced mobility and breathability
  • Collarbone Protection:
    • High-density foam with plastic insert
      • Hard plastic insert anatomical shapes over the collarbone
      • Elite level collarbone protection
    • Comfort padded collar
  • Liner:¬†
    • Thermo Max+
      • Fantastic sweat and odor management
      • Anti-microbial
      • Soft, and comfortable
  • Strap System:
    • 2" elastic Velcro torso straps
    • 1.5" elastic Velcro bicep straps
  • Fit:
    • Contoured fit
      • Provides a close-to-the-body, low profile fit for great responsiveness and mobility
  • Weight:
    • 955 grams (Based on a SR MD)