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Bauer Supreme GS Senior Hockey Elbow Pad


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The Bauer Supreme GS Elbow Pad showcases a limited edition green camo sublimated detail with sharp hits of gold chrome for a look that is truly like no other. Built with tons of performance benefits, the GS offers a ton of value for the player seeking maximum coverage and mobility! 
A major highlight is the AMP construction, which consists of a classic break at the bicep and added hinge point below the elbow cap. This improves the range of motion for stickhandling, shooting and passing while ensuring coverage stays where it needs to be. 

 Down low, 360-degree molded protection gives great coverage to slashes and blocked shots while maintaining a contoured fit and low profile. The three-strap system keeps the arm locked in and comfortable all game long. Finally, the Thermo Max liner does a great job of wicking away sweat and moisture to keep players cool and dry.

Level of Play Performance
Fit Profile Contoured - Standard Coverage and Maximum Mobility
Weight 292 grams (Senior MD)
Heritage Supreme S29 / S170 / 170 / ONE.6
Model Number 1058509
Available Sizes JR SM, JR MD, INT MD, INT LG, SR MD, SR LG
3-Piece Construction
With a standard hinge at the bicep, an added break below the elbow cap allows the arm to fully extend! This allows players to have an even better range of motion for stickhandling, poke checking, and shooting!
Active Motion Protection is designed to give players unrestricted mobility without sacrificing any gaps in protection.
Thermo Max
Unlike traditional brushed microfibers, this soft and comfortable liner does a much better job of wicking away sweat and moisture during the game. It keeps working afterward too by helping reduce drying time.


Bicep Standard Foam, Molded PE Insert
Elbow Cap Molded Plastic, Standard Foam
Forearm 360° Molded Plastic, Standard Foam


Elbow Pad AMP 3-Piece
Exterior Polyester, Synthetic Leather
Liner Thermo Max


Bicep 1.5" Elastic Nylon
Elbow Y-Strap Anchor
Forearm 1.5" Elastic Nylon