Bauer Supreme Totalone MX3 Ice Hockey Skates

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Bauer Supreme Totalone MX3 Ice Hockey Skates

Get ready to Multiply Your Max with the Bauer Supreme TotalOne MX3 Hockey Skates. Engineered for power and total efficiency, the TotalOne MX3 incorporates all of Bauer's industry leading innovations, and packs them into this, top of the line, high performance skate.

The MX3 features classic Supreme fit and feel; a generous anatomical fit provides a slightly wider forefoot, with zero negative space throughout the heel and ankle, resulting in great comfort, and unmatched energy transfer. The Lightweight Anaform ankle padding is contoured to the natural shape of your foot, as is the nicely sculpted outer shell. These features, combined with the amazing heat molding properties of the 3D Anaformable Curv® Composite upper, provide an incredible 360 degree fit.
The Injected Stability Lacing System featured on the Vapor APX2 skate, which helps provide explosive energy transfer with every stride, has been improved upon in the MX3. With a slightly softer design, which allows for better wrap around the top of the foot, and new T-shaped eyelets to keep your lace pattern in place throughout the game, the Injected Stability Lacing System is a huge advancement, and a welcome addition to the Supreme line. The Tuuk Lightspeed Edge Holder also makes its debut in the Supreme line, allowing players to switch their lightweight Fusion EDGE runners on the fly.

The 3-Flex Tongue and Free Flex Tendon Guard features from the previous Supreme TotalOne skates have also been re-engineered. The Curv® Composite tongue insets come in three degrees of stiffness, and have a modified slit deign to allow for greater forward lean, while the Free Flex Tendon Guard now moves with the player, allowing for maximum range of motion. These features work together to provide a “spring board” effect to every stride.

The Hydra Max 2 liner is lightweight, soft to the touch, and dries out in no time, keeping your skates fresh, and helping to prolong the life of the boot. Add Bauer’s Comfort Edge feature which alleviates abrasion when digging in to tight turns, and you have a boot that’s as comfortable as it is powerful. If you’re a power skater looking for the total package, look no further than the Supreme TotalOne MX3 from Bauer.

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