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Size Guide
The Bauer Supreme Ultrasonic Shoulder Pad is engineered for the elite player who wants full coverage and protection but without any compromise on their mobility. Thanks to Bauer's AMP Construction in both the shoulder cap and bicep guard, players have unrestricted mobility and constant coverage to their body whether they are shooting, passing, or stickhandling in tight.

Another key element that elevates the Ultrasonic is Adaptiv Skin Protection, a new design from Bauer that conforms to the body in order to remain low-profile but still give elite-level impact protection. This can be found in both the sternum and shoulder caps so players can blast through traffic or get physical along the boards.

Vent Armor Foam, located in both the shoulder caps and spine guard then brings breathable impact protection to a player's game. Lastly, Bauer designed the vest with more coverage than years past, giving players better protection around the torso.

Underneath it all, Bauer implemented their #1 liner at managing sweat, moisture, and odor, Thermo Core. It works all game to wick away sweat to keep players cool and then works hard after to prevent odor-causing bacteria from stinking up your gear.

Level of Play Elite
Fit Profile Contoured - Standard Coverage and Maximum Mobility
Weight 943 grams (Senior MD)
Heritage Supreme 2S Pro / 1S / MX3 / NXG
Model Number 1058495
Available Sizes JR SM, JR MD, INT MD, INT LG, SR MD, SR LG, SR XL
Adaptiv Skin
Providing the highest level of protection against slashes and impact energy while conforming to the shape of your body for a low profile and ultimate mobility.
Thermo Core
Bauer's best liner at managing sweat, moisture, and odor! It adds comfort to your game and drastically reduces drying time in between uses.
Active Motion Protection designed to give players unrestricted mobility without sacrificing any gaps in protection.

Sternum Adaptiv Skin, Dense Foam
Front Panel Standard Foam
Belly Guard Standard Foam, Removable
Spine Guard Vent Armor Foam, Plastic Insert
Rear Panel Molded High-Density Foam
Shoulder Caps AMP, Adaptiv Skin, Vent Armor Foam
Bicep Guards AMP, Molded Plastic, Standard Foam
Collarbone Standard Foam, Plastic Inserts

Front Panel 1-Piece, Floating Sternum
Rear Panel 1-Piece
Biceps 2-Piece, Length Adjustable
Liner Thermo Core

Torso 2" Elastic Nylon
Biceps (2) 1" Length Adjustable Nylon Straps
1.5" Bicep Strap
Measure the circumference of your chest roughly 1" below the armpit using a soft measuring tape, string, or shoelace. Correspond your chest measurement to a pad size using the table below.
2021 Bauer Intermediate Sizing Update: If you previously wore a Bauer Junior LG Shoulder Pad, select an Intermediate MD. If you previously wore a Bauer Senior SM Shoulder Pad, select an Intermediate LG. Bauer designed these new Intermediate sizes to better fit the body of players between Junior and Senior sizing.