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Bauer Vapor 2X Pro Senior Hockey Elbow Pads

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The Bauer Vapor 2X Pro Senior Hockey Elbow Pads showcases elite-level protection for any player while boasting the best mobility and stability in any Bauer elbow pad to date. Featuring exclusive Curv Composite and HyperLite Foam throughout the protection package, the elbow and forearm are well-guarded against slashes and blocked shots.

Introducing a completely new shape, the 2X Pro has an asymmetrical elbow cap that allows the elbow to sit deeper in the pocket for unmatched stability. Its 3-piece ergonomic design has a flexible forearm that allows for a full range of motion while remaining tight and secure during stickhandling, passing, and shooting. 

Designed to keep you dry and comfortable, Thermo Core is Bauer's premium liner that also helps with odor control. It works constantly to wick away sweat and moisture while battling odor-causing bacteria during and after gameplay.

Level of Play Elite
Fit Profile Tapered - Excellent Coverage and Mobility
Weight 290 grams (Senior MD)
Heritage 1X Lite / 1X
Model Number 1056606
Available Sizes JR SM, JR MD, JR LG, SR SM, SR MD, SR LG
Curv Composite
An incredibly strong material that guards against low mass, high-velocity impacts! Without adding weight, Curv is used in very key impact areas to provide elite-level protection that pros rely on.
HyperLite Foam
Unique to the Vapor Family, HyperLite is an extremely lightweight and protective foam that also maintains player mobility. It is also a closed-cell foam which means it won't absorb sweat and moisture, keeping you light and agile all-game long!
3-Piece Construction
With a standard hinge at the bicep, an added break below the elbow cap allows the arm to fully extend! This allows players to have an even better range of motion for stickhandling, poke checking, and shooting!
Thermo Core
Bauer's number one liner, Thermo Core excels at managing sweat, moisture, and odor! It adds comfort to your game and drastically reduces drying time in-between uses.

Bicep Molded PE Insert, HyperLite Foam
Elbow Cap Molded Plastic, HyperLite Foam, Standard Foam
Forearm 360° Curv Composite and HyperLite Foam

Elbow Pad 3-Piece, Hinged Forearm, Floating Bicep
Exterior Nylon, Curv Composite, HyperLite Foam
Liner Thermo Core

Bicep 2.5" Sleeve Fit
Elbow DynaFlex Lock Strap
Forearm 2" Nylon