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Size Guide
Bauer Vapor Prodigy Youth Hockey Stick

The Bauer Vapor Prodigy Youth Stickhelps the new-to-hockey player develop their hockey skills efficiently and effectively. Instead of just one size fits all, Bauer developed three different lengths and flexes so that young players have a stick that is sized according to their height and weight. This way every young player can learn how to accurately pass, shoot, and stick handle the puck.

Lifting the puck off the ice and sniping twine is every young players desire. Bauer's new P01 curve helps them do just that. Designed not only to help elevate the puck, the P01 curve provides a larger area to receive passes and improves puck control.
  • Construction:
    • UD (unidirectional carbon fiber)
      • Offers great durability and playability
    • Fused 2-piece construction
  • Flex Profile:
    • Traditional mid-kick point
      • Designed to help players learn how to load energy into their stick
  • Geometry:
    • Straight sidewalls with rounded corners
      • The lower the flex, the smaller the shaft diameter, better suiting players at all ages
    • Micro Feel II Shaft
      • Provides the optimal feel in the hands for better puck control
  • Grip:
    • Tacky grip finish
      • Helps players to keep control of their stick for passing, shooting, and stick handling
  • Blade:
    • AeroFoam Core with UD Carbon Fiber Wrap
      • Provides a balance between puck feel and solid durability
    • MaxBalance Blade Construction
      • Reduces blade weight and helps with shot release
    • Pure Shot Blade Profile
      • Increases accuracy
      • Increases durability between the blade and shaft
  • Blade Curve: P92
  • Flex: 20, 30, 40
  • Stick Sizing Guidelines:
    Bauer Measurement = Universal Measurement
    46" = 46" (20 flex)
    50" = 50" (30 flex)
    52" = 52" (40 flex)