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Bauer Vapor X2.5 Junior Ice Hockey Skate

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Bauer Vapor X2.5 Junior Ice Hockey Skate

The Bauer Vapor X2.5 Skateswere built for the new-to-hockey or recreational player who wants to continue improving their game while looking and feeling great. Bauer's new boot construction makes the X2.5 fit better than ever before, while the extra-thick memory foam padding is incredibly comfortable too.

Inspired by skates the pros use, the Vapor X2.5 boasts a reinforced felt tongue that keeps the top of the feet comfortably protected by impacts or lace-bite. Same goes with the holder at the bottom of the boot, it looks just like the ones in the NHL and provides many of the performance benefits too!
  • Quarter Package:
    • One-piece 3D Polycarb
      • New material and manufacturing process provides better fit, support and visual detail
      • Thermoadjustable so the internal foams can better form around the foot for a personalized fit
  • Skate Laces:
    • Unwaxed Bauer Vapor Skate Laces
  • Liner:
    • Plush Microfiber for premium comfort and moisture management
  • Ankle Padding:
    • Thicker memory foam than in year's past for improved out-of-the-box comfort and fit
  • Tongue Construction:
    • 30oz, two-piece felt with integrated foams
      • Pro-inspired looks that keep the top of the foot protected from impacts and lace-bite
  • Footbed:
    • Die-cut EVA Foam
  • Outsole:
    • Injected TPR
  • Blade Holder and Runner:
    • Tuuk Lightspeed Pro II Holder
      • Shares the same construction and looks like the LS Edge holder, which is the most popular in the NHL
      • Provides better stability, leverage and control than the first generation
    • Tuuk S-Stainless Steel Runners (not replaceable)
      • Mid-grade steel with premium durability
      • 9 ft. radius
  • Skate Width: R
  • Weight of a size 8D skate:745 grams