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Bauer Vapor X2.9 Junior Hockey Shin Guards

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The Bauer Vapor X2.9 Junior Hockey Shin Guards brings value and protection for many levels of hockey players! Built with X-Lite Shield Technology, the shin cap delivers a deep and secure fit on the leg. 

Thick foams reinforced by plastic inserts cover and guard the upper thigh and calf while Bauer's removable Thermo Max liner keeps you dry and comfortable. A large 2" elastic calf strap and comfortable knee lock strap secures the shin guard against the leg all game long. 

Level of Play Performance
Fit Profile Tapered - Excellent Coverage and Mobility
Weight 577 grams (14")
Heritage X800 Lite / X800
Model Number 1056576
Available Sizes 11", 12", 13", 14", 15", 16", 17
X-Lite Shield Technology
Redefining shape and protection, X-Shield has been ergonomically designed to provide maximum impact coverage with full mobility. Built with a featherlight construction, you'll stay light on your feet and comfortable all game long!
Thermo Max
Unlike traditional brushed microfibers, this soft and comfortable liner does a much better job at wicking away sweat and moisture during the game. It keeps working afterward too by helping reduce drying time.

Knee Cap Molded Plastic
Thigh Guard Standard Foam, Plastic Insert
Shin Shell Molded Plastic, Standard Foam
Calf Guard Standard Foam, Plastic Insert
Knee Wing Standard Foam
Shell Liner Comfort Foam

Shell 2-Piece, X-Lite Shield
Liner Thermo Max, Removable
Anti-Abrasion Skate Pad Yes

Knee Comfort Lock Strap
Calf 2" Elastic Nylon