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Bauer Vapor X700 Senior Roller Hockey Goalie Skates


The Bauer Vapor X700 Goalie Skate boasts a new cowling-less design that significantly reduces weight and provides goalies with an even better angle of attack. Complementing the cowling-less boot, the X700 also features the HI-LO Front Loader Chassis that helps goalies achieve better balance and movement within the crease.

The chassis is designed and built to keep goalies in a game-ready stance in order to react quicker and with more balance. The Front Loader Chassis only sports 4 wheels, another design that reduces weight and allows for the bootstrapping to feed through the chassis without interfering with the wheels. The front three wheels are strategically located to provide the perfect balance underneath the balls of the feet and help excel cross-crease push-offs.

The Vapor X700 Goalie Skate is built with a Dynamic Flex Collar that provides better mobility and feel for the goalie. The Tech Mesh boot allows for better stability and can be heat-molded to obtain the ultimate fit.

The wheels are HI-LO's 59mm Court Wheels with a 76A softness and sport HI-LO ABEC 5 608 bearings. The Front Loader Chassis can also hold 47mm wheels.

  • Quarter Package:
    • Goalie specific toe cap
      • Removal of traditional cowling reduces weight and increases attack angle
    • Tech mesh boot construction with X-Wrap
      • Eyelets or "facing" is extended by 3mm compared to Supreme to provide a better angle of attack and a better overall fit
      • Thermoform-able
    • Dynamic Flex Collar
      • Provides better mobility and feel
    • TPR outsole
      • Solid protection
  • Liner:
    • Moisture-wicking microfiber
      • Soft to the touch and helps to keep feet dry all game long
  • Ankle Padding:
    • Asymmetric design
      • Shorter cut on lateral side relieves pressure when in deep stance
    • Soft padding
      • Comfortable
  • Tongue Construction:
    • Two-piece, thick white felt with injected foam metatarsal guard
      • Protection against lace bite
  • Footbed:
    • EVA foam footbed
      • Additional foam padding for comfort
  • Chassis:
    • CNC Aluminum HI-LO Front Loader Chassis
      • Front Loaded Technology keeps goalies in a ready stance, perfectly balanced on the balls of the feet for optimum balance and stability
      • Eliminates straps interfering with the wheels
      • Provides optimal attack angle for crease movement
      • 4 wheel setup - Reduces weight and provides easier kick saves
      • Accommodates both 47mm and 59mm wheel set ups
  • Wheels and Bearings:
    • HI-LO 59mm Court Wheels - 76A
    • HI-LO ABEC 5 608 Bearings
  • Skate Width: D
  • Weight:
    • 1,102 lbs (Size 9)