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The CCM Super Tacks AS4 Pro Stick doesn't just set the bar for high-powered mid-kick sticks, but at 374 grams (85 flex), it is one of the very lightest sticks regardless of flex profile on the market today. The fact that mid-kick sticks require significantly more material than low-kick or hybrid kick sticks is a testament to just how advanced the new Skelton + Technology, Sigmatex Carbon Fiber and other key technologies take the AS4 Pro to a league of its own. 


First introduced in the JetSpeed FT4 Pro, CCM's new Skelton + Technology is a big reason for their continued success in 2021 and beyond. This refined construction process does a great job of removing excess material and eliminating inconsistencies so the aggressive shooter gets maximum power and enhanced durability with minimal weight. 


Signature to the Super Tacks family is CCM's most powerful and explosive shot release. This means it is a perfect fit for the aggressive shooter that puts extra effort into loading their shots so they can blow the puck past the goalie no matter how close or how far they are from the goalie. 

Level of Play Elite
Flex Profile Mid Kick
Weight 374 grams (85 flex)
Heritage Super Tacks AS3 Pro / AS2 Pro / AS1 / 2.0 / ST / Ultra Tacks / Tacks
Model Number HSAS4P
Available Flexes 40, 50, 55, 65, 70, 75, 80, 85, 95
Optimized Mid Kick Point
Ideal for the modern power shooter who is looking for maximum shot velocity without compromising an effortless release. The mid-section is softer which allows the player to easily load the stick, resulting in harder power.
Skeleton + Technology
An advanced, refined construction process that sheds weight, improves energy transfer and enhances durability to the super precise final product.
Sigmatex Carbon Fiber
A truly elite material that is lighter, stronger and longer-lasting than standard carbon fiber.


Construction Fused Two-Piece
Skeleton + Technology
NanoLite Carbon Layering
Materials Sigmatex Carbon Fiber
X-Flow Resin
Grip Finish Tacky Grip
Shaft Dimensions Square Corners, Straight Sidewalls
Stick Lengths 51", 54", 55", 57", 60", 62"


Kick Point Mid Kick Point
Shot Profile Maximum Shot Power
Shaft Taper Standard


Construction ACUFeel
Materials 18K Sigmatex Carbon Fiber
Face Texture Textured
Available Curves P28, P29, P88, P90TM