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CCM Axis Pro Senior Goalie Stick


The CCM Axis Pro Composite Goalie Stick showcases professional performance and feel between the pipes. CCM used a NanoLite carbon layering process with Sigmatex Spread Tow material throughout the shaft to deliver a featherlight construction with remains incredibly strong. The shaft also features a dual-geometry design in which the shape of the shaft transitions from square to round in order to boost durability against high-impact shots.

CCM thinned out the paddle and blade for better performance without diminishing durability. They used a special fabric designed by a leader in aerospace technology that makes this stick light, strong, and durable. It also features Zeroflux Technology in the paddle which reduces shot vibrations and increases a goalies rebound control.

  • Construction:
    • Composite Structure
      • Lightweight structure for easy control and stickhandling
    • NanoLite Carbon Layering
      • High-performance carbon layering process that reduces weight but increases strength
  • Shaft:
    • Dual-geometry shaft
      • Square corners that transition into rounded corners for added durability against puck impacts
    • Sigmatex Spread Tow with NanoLite Carbon Layering
      • Elite-level material that is lighter, stronger, and layered in a unique way that drives down weight but boosts strength
    • Built with better compaction consistency for greater corner strength and impact resistance
  • Paddle:
    • Zeroflux Technology
      • A design that dulls puck vibrations and increases rebound control
    • Silver Spread Tow
      • Developed by a world leader in aerospace technology
      • High-performance fabric that features an innovative weaving process increases strength and durability while reducing weight
    • Slim design
  • Blade:
    • Silver Spread Tow
    • Peel-Ply Technology
      • Optimized texture reduces weight while increasing puck control
  • Grip:
    • StikTack Grip
      • Located at the connection point between the shaft and paddle for better stick control
    • Clear, non-grip finish 
  • Weight:
    • 669 grams (Based on 26")