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CCM Jetspeed 440 Grip Junior Hockey Stick

Size Guide
The CCM JetSpeed FT440 Grip Hockey Stick is perfect for the recreational or new-to-hockey player looking for a stick that will help them shoot the best shot possible in any scenario. JetSpeed uses a Hybrid Flex Profile which will optimize any kind of shot you take with it. It also comes with the new JetSpeed shaft shape that is much more comfortable and even easier to control than that of traditionally square dimensions.

  • Fiberglass and Carbon Composite
  • Very durable blend that provides a solid feel in the hands
Flex Profile:
  • Hybrid Kick Point
  • Combines hard shot power with a quick release
  • Hinge Effect: Soft lower taper with a stiffness peak near the CCM logo allows for a quick load-and-release and better-controlled power
  • JetSpeed Shaft Dimensions
  • Rounded shaft corners, double concave sidewalls with double convex top and bottom
  • Allows for better stick control and shooting accuracy
  • Tacky grip coating
  • Traditional JS3 Foam Filled Blade
  • Provides good consistency and feel for the puck