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CCM JetSpeed FT3 Grip Senior Hockey Stick

Size Guide

he CCM JetSpeed FT3 Grip Stick provides high-end performance without the steep price tag. Weighing just over 400 grams (85 flex), the FT3 showcases a new construction process that significantly reduces weight without compromising durability.

Just like the previous generation, this FT3 stick boasts the hybrid kick point that is quickly becoming a crowd favorite. Unlike traditional mid kick or low kick flex profiles, this hybrid kick point allows players to get off the optimal shot no matter how close or how far your target is.

The JS4 blade features a lightweight and dampened inner core. This makes catching passes easier and helps enhance the feel or connection between the hands and the puck.

    • Heritage: JetSpeed Pro2 / Pro
    • Level of Play Guideline: Elite
    • Construction: Fused two-piece
    • Shaft Dimensions: Rounded Corners / Concave Sidewalls
    • Flex Point: Hybrid Kick Point
    • Weight: 410 grams (Based on an 85 flex, P28)

      • Construction:
        • New Optimized Shaft Construction with X-Flow Resin Technology
          • Through a new construction process and a high-end resin, these sticks are significantly lighter without compromising strength
        • C6 Carbon Fiber
          • Lightweight weave that excels in responsiveness and durability
      • Flex Profile:
        • Hybrid Kick Point
          • Hinge Effect: Soft lower taper with a stiffness peak near the CCM logo allows for a quick load-and-release and better-controlled power
          • Combines hard shot power with a quick release
      • Geometry:
        • JetSpeed Shaft Dimensions
          • Rounded shaft corners, double concave sidewalls with double convex top and bottom
          • Allows for better stick control and shooting accuracy
      • Grip:
        • Tacky grip coating
      • Blade:
        • JS4 with C6 Carbon Fiber
          • Lightweight and dampened inner core with extra-reinforced heel and toe
          • Creates excellent hand-to-puck connectivity
      • Flex: 40, 50, 55, 65, 70, 75, 85, 95