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Hand /Curve
The CCM JetSpeed FT4 Pro aims to give players the lightest, most versatile and most reliable JetSpeed stick ever. Thanks to the brand new Skeleton + Technology, it feels even lighter than 375 grams (85 flex) with its raised balance point while boasting 20% better slash test performance than the FT3 Pro. 
Sigmatex Carbon Fiber and NanoLite Carbon Layering help to make the FT4 Pro truly elite. Sigmatex is one of the lightest, strongest and most efficient materials in the stick today. It then gets layered in a fine-tuned, advanced manner that absolutely sheds weight without compromising durability or playability. 
Lastly, the new RR-90 blade continues to help CCM push the boundaries. The featherlight construction and its Damp-Core still maintain a dampened feel for expert puck control during stick handling and catching passes. The edges are fully reinforced in order to combat chips and nicks from puck battles, plus it stays square to the target on heavy shots thanks to the stiff design.
Level of Play Elite
Flex Profile Hybrid Kick
Weight 375 grams (85 flex)
Heritage JetSpeed FT3 / Pro2 / Pro
Model Number HSFT4
Available Flexes 40, 50, 55, 65, 75, 80, 85, 95


Skeleton + Technology
An advanced, refined construction process that sheds weight, improves energy transfer and enhances durability to the super precise final product.
NanoLite Carbon Layering
An advanced process that uses thinner layers of carbon fiber to create thinner, lighter shaft walls with the same level of strength and durability.
Sigmatex Carbon Fiber
A truly elite material that is lighter, stronger and longer-lasting than standard carbon fiber.


Construction Fused Two-Piece
Skeleton + Technology
NanoLite Carbon Layering
Materials Sigmatex Carbon Fiber
X-Flow Resin
Grip Finish Tacky Grip
Shaft Dimensions Round Corners, Concave Sidewalls
Stick Lengths 51", 54", 55", 57", 60", 62"


Kick Point Hybrid Kick Point
Shot Profile Versatile, all-around playmaker
Shaft Taper Standard


Construction RR-90
Materials Sigmatex Carbon Fiber
Dampening Core
Traditional Foam
Face Texture Textured
Available Curves P28, P29, P88 P90TM