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The CCM JetSpeed FT4 Pro Shoulder Pad is exactly what the elite, quick and agile hockey player needs to keep their game as fast and mobile as possible. An all-new Amplified Mobility Design allows the shoulder pad to freely flex with any body movement while keeping protection exactly where it needs to be.

CCM is introducing their Hybrid Shield sternum and spine guards to give players high caliber protection in a lightweight design. Also helping to reduce weight is the U Foam shoulder caps, an extremely lightweight yet durable EPP Foam. Built with JDP Technology, this U Foam excels at managing big and powerful impacts by re-directing the heavy energy away from the shoulder joint.

Only seen in the FT4 Pro is CCM's Stay Dry Design, a unique liner-free construction. Since the featherlight ZoteFoam base panels don't absorb sweat and moisture, players stay dry while protection stays light.
Level of Play Elite
Fit Profile Contoured - Low Profile, Featherlight, Mobile
Weight 749 grams (Senior MD)
Heritage FT1 / QLT / RBZ
Model Number SPFT4PRO
Available Sizes JR MD, JR LG, SR SM, SR MD, SR LG, SR XL


JDP Technology
Standing for Joint Dispersion Protection, this unique design deflects heavy impact energy away from the joints and into the surrounding foam! This is a pro-preferred technology amongst NHL players today and provides players with elite-level contact protection.
Amplified Mobility Design
Built for the quick and agile player, this design improves freedom of movement and comfort in every game scenario while maintaining a lightweight and low profile design.
Hybrid Shield Sternum
A structural shield that utilizes both HDPE Plastic and Dense foam for lightweight, elite-level protection.
U Foam
Ultra-lightweight EPP foam that offers elite-level protection and is extremely durable.
Offers elite-level protection while remaining featherlight.
Stay Dry Design
This unique no-liner construction allows the ZoteFoam base panels to do all the work since the exclusive closed-cell foam doesn't absorb sweat and moisture. This elite design helps players to stay dry and comfortable.

Sternum Hybrid Shield
Front Panel Molded ZoteFoam
Belly Guard Vented Standard Foam
Spine Guard Hybrid Shield
Rear Panel Molded ZoteFoam
Shoulder Caps JDP Technology, U Foam
Bicep Guards HD Molded Foam
Collarbone HD Molded Foam, Floating

Front Panel Amplified Mobility Design
Rear Panel Amplified Mobility Design
Biceps Length Adjustable, Floating
Liner No Liner

Torso 2" Elastic Nylon
Biceps 1" Length Adjustable Strap, 1.5" Elastic Nylon Bicep Strap