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CCM JetSpeed FTW Women's Shoulder Pads

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The CCM Jetspeed FTW Shoulder Pads are built for women by women. Enlisting the help of pro-level female hockey players, CCM improved on the most requested shoulder pad design, fit.

Tailored for any women's body shape, the FTW Shoulder Pads boast innovative adjustment features that allow the torso protection to remain close-to-the-body in any game situation and for the player to achieve a fully customized fit. Length adjustable torso straps, side panel adjustment, and bicep extension all built within a highly flexible and mobile construction keep the protection where it needs to be and comfortable at all times.

Low profile shoulder caps keep the design nice and slim while boasting elite level protection with D30 Lite Smart Foam. Located underneath the shoulder caps, D30 Lite remains soft and flexible until receiving an impact, where it quickly hardens to absorb and disperse the impact energy.

D30 Lite Smart Foam
CCM's most advanced and protective material available, D30 is rate-sensitive so it won't hinder comfort or mobility. Soft and pliable in its natural state, D30 quickly hardens and absorbs impact energy to bring players the very best protection for all kinds of hockey-related impacts. To learn even more about D30, watch our insight video here!
DryFoam Technology
Traditional foams absorb sweat and moisture, which makes you slower and uncomfortable. DryFoam resists water absorption so your gear doesn't weigh you down and you can remain dry and light on your feet!

Sternum Dual-Density Foam
Front Panel Vented Standard Foam
Belly Guard Vented Standard Foam, Removable
Spine Guard Molded PE, Standard Foam
Rear Panel Vented Standard Foam
Shoulder Caps Molded Plastic, D30 Lite Foam
Bicep Guards Hard Plastic, Thin Foam
Collarbone Soft Foam

Front Panel 3-Piece, Floating Sternum, Adjustable Straps
Rear Panel 3-Piece, Floating Spine
Biceps Length Adjustable, Floating
Liner Laminated, DryFoam Technology

Torso Length Adjustable 2" Elastic Velcro, 3/4" Side Panel Straps
Biceps 1.5" Length Adjustable Nylon