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CCM RibCor 63K Grip Intermediate Hockey Stick

Size Guide
The CCM RibCor 63K Hockey Stickis a great value buy for anyone looking for a composite stick with a quick release. CCM used Easy-to-Load Technology that speeds up the rate of release, making a great choice for players who take their shots close to net instead of the blueline.

  • Fused One-Piece with Fiberglass and Carbon Blend
  • The high fusion point enables the stick to shoot more accurately on big shots
  • Fiberglass/Carbon Blend provides a high-level of durability without losing pop
  • High-Loading Ratio
  • Offers more power with the same amount of effort than other sticks with a low-loading ratio because energy put into the shaft is more efficiently redirected into the puck
  • Sticks with a low-loading ratio lose power when some of the energy is directed towards the ice and not the net
Flex Profile:
  • Low-kick Point with Easy to Load Technology
  • Ideal for the "finesse" shooter who's looking to get a shot off as quick as possible
  • Easy To Load Technology mirrors the flex profile like that of the RibCor shaft
  • Straight sidewalls with rounded corners
  • Grip stick coating
  • SSX2 Blade
  • Eliminates blade deflection and increases accuracy
  • Blade is stiff in the heel and gets even stiffer into the toe
  • Foam core for increased vibration dampening and good puck feel