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CCM RibCor Trigger 5 Pro Grip Senior Hockey Stick

Size Guide

Simply put, the CCM RibCor Trigger 5 Pro Stick is the lightest, quickest releasing and strongest stick ever produced by CCM Hockey. At an amazing 365 grams (85 flex), the Trigger 5 Pro is nearly 30 grams lighter than the previous Trigger 4 Pro.

The new Nanolite Carbon Layer process is the MVP in this Trigger 5 Pro. By using an advanced construction method, CCM slashed weight by using thinner, lighter shaft walls that offer as much if not more strength then before.

With the advanced Nanolite construction, the very unique Asymmetrical Shaft Taper not only has a quicker shot release but a harder shot release too. This means less effort is required for a quicker, harder shot!

Level of Play Elite
Flex Profile Low Kick
Weight 365 grams (85 flex)
Heritage RibCor Trigger 4 Pro / 3D / 2 /Trigger / Reckoner / 40K / RBK RibCor
Model Number RCT5P
Available Flexes 40, 50, 55, 65, 70, 75, 85, 95
NanoLite Carbon Layering
An advanced process that uses thinner layers of carbon fiber to create thinner, lighter shaft walls with the same level of strength and durability.
Sigmatex Carbon Fiber
A truly elite material that is lighter, stronger and longer-lasting than standard carbon fiber.
Ergonomic Shaft Design
Completely unique shaft dimensions from top to bottom create top-notch energy transfer with handheld comfort unlike anything else out.

Construction NanoLite Carbon Layering
Fused Two-Piece
Materials Sigmatex Carbon Fiber
X-Flow Resin
Grip Finish Tacky Grip
Shaft Dimensions Upper Third: Round Corners and Concave Sidewalls
Middle Third: Round Corners and Straight Sidewalls
Lower Third: Round Corners and Convex Rear Sidewall
Stick Lengths 51", 54", 55", 57", 60", 62"


Kick Point Optimized Low Kick Point
Shot Profile Quickest Shot Release
Shaft Taper Asymmetrical Technology


Construction Reinforced Agility Blade
Materials Sigmatex Carbon Fiber
Traditional Foam
Face Texture Textured
Available Curves P28, P29, P88, P90TM