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CCM Super Tacks 9360 Grip Senior Hockey Stick

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The CCM Super Tacks 9360 Stick is a great score for the recreational or new-to-hockey player looking for a high-powered stick on a budget! CCM used a strong carbon fiberglass blend of materials that provides a ton of durability and playability too.

The 9360 boasts a traditional mid-kick point, which loads and releases a harder shot compared to the hybrid or low-kick sticks. This makes it ideal for the shooter who likes a big slap shot or the Ovechkin-style one-timer!

Mid Kick Point
Ideal for the power shooter who is looking for maximum shot velocity.
Ultra AttackFrame Blade
Lightweight blade with high torsional and bending stiffness for accurate shooting and passing.

Construction Fused Two-Piece
Materials Carbon Fiberglass Blend
Grip Finish Tacky Grip
Shaft Dimensions Square Corners, Straight Sidewalls
Stick Lengths 51", 55", 60"


Kick Point Mid Kick Point
Shot Profile Maximum Shot Power
Shaft Taper Standard


Construction Ultra AttackFrame
Materials Fiberglass
Traditional Foam
Face Texture Textured