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CCM Super Tacks AS1 Senior Elbow Pads

Size Guide
The CCM Super Tacks AS1 Elbow Padsnow have a 360° length adjustable forearm strap to provide players with the perfect custom fit. The new strapping system helps keep the arm fully locked into the pad and keeps protection in place all game long. The forearm guard has some of the best slash protection on the market because CCM used their D30 Smart Foam and the addition of compressed HD foam. The high-density foam reduces weight by preventing water absorption and boosts impact protection against slashes and blocked shots.

The JDP elbow cap design dissipates impact energy away from the elbow joint while D30 Smart Foam stops remaining energy from making its way through. The bicep guard has an anatomical PE insert and is surrounded by medium-density foam and exposed closed-cell foam for pro-level protection. The bicep piece is attached to the forearm guard with a nylon strap to provide players with next-level mobility and range of motion.

  • Anatomical, molded PE insert surrounded by exposed closed-cell foam
  • Extended coverage to key impact area
  • Closed-cell foam doesn't absorb moisture
Elbow Cap:
  • Molded JDP Cap reinforced with D30 and closed-cell foam
  • Lightweight protection that disperses impact energy away from the elbow joint
  • D30 absorbs impact energy for pro-level protection
  • Lined with comfortable medium-density foam
  • Injected plastic topped with premium D30 Smart Foam and HD closed-cell foam
  • D30 provides some of the best impact absorption on the market
  • Compressed HD Foam protects one of the most commonly slashed areas on the body
  • Interior lined with thick medium-density foam for added comfort and protection
  • Soft, durable and moisture-wicking microfiber
  • Soft and comfortable feel
  • Three-strap system
  • 1.5 " elastic bicep guard strap
  • 1.5" lycra mesh lock strap
  • 1.5" length adjustable nylon forearm strap
  • 360° forearm strapping system to secure elbow pad in place and maintain optimal comfort and mobility
  • Traditional fit
  • Generous volume for maximum coverage
  • Two-piece construction
  • Bicep attaches to the body via a nylon strap
  • Increases mobility and range of motion