CCM Super Tacks AS2 Pro Hockey Stick

Size Guide
The CCM Super Tacks AS2 Pro Stickwas built for the player who wants shot power where the puck rips through the net when they score. The optimized mid-kick point creates devastating shot velocity while the redesigned shaft taper creates deadly accuracy by preventing any twisting or torquing during heavy shots.

Thanks to construction process updates, CCM made this scary powerful AS2 Pro a featherlight 410 grams (in senior). Already a standout from other elite mid-kick sticks, the higher balance point creates the feeling that the stick weighs around 400 grams without sacrificing its rugged strength.

  • Speared one-piece construction with Sigmatex carbon fiber
  • Redesigned construction process removes around 13 grams of redundant material while maintaining the same level of energy transfer and strength
  • Flat, spread tow carbon weave delivers elite responsiveness and top-notch durability within a featherlight design
  • X-Flow Technology
  • New manufacturing process that provides a better strength-to-weight ratio by using less resin and more carbon fiber
  • Rounded Corners with Straight Sidewalls
Flex Profile:
  • Optimized Mid Kick Point
  • Redesigned shaft taper creates better stability for better accuracy on powerful, heavy shots
  • The softened upper handle generates more shot power by allowing the player to easily load more energy during the shooting process
  • Ideal for players looking for a powerful, effortless release on all shot types
  • Tacky grip coating
  • ACU4 XX-Stiff Blade Core with Sigmatex Carbon Fiber
  • Lightweight and extra stiff in order to prevent twisting on big shots, which would impact accuracy
  • New foam core paired with a new optimized shape reduces weight and increases durability
  • Textured blade finish enhances puck feel

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