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Game-changing engineering and 3D digital manufacturing innovation fused into the most important piece of protection.

Experience truly next-level comfort, breathability and protection with the CCM Super Tacks X Helmet that features the first-ever, 3D-printed liner.  Unlike traditional helmets with layers of components, the Nest 3D Liner is a single engineered structure made of over 130,000 struts that each have a very specific design and purpose. 

Right out of the box, the Super Tacks X fits on the head like nothing before it. The base materials are stiffer and reinforced in key impact locations but materials immediately surrounding the head allow for a truly 3D, contouring fit. The unique and strategic porous structure along with key ventilation chambers provides easily the best airflow from a CCM helmet, ever! Scientific studies have shown that this airflow improves performance and recovery by keeping you cooler shift in and shift out. 

Stranger to no one, CCM's most advanced smart foam called D3O is also used underneath the 3D liner. This completely rounds out the wide range of impact protection from all sorts of hits, especially in the key reinforcement zones. As soon as the player dials in their length adjustment via the tool-less side latches, the CCM Super Tacks X Helmet is ready to keep you safe, cool and comfortable all game long. 

Level of Play Elite
Head Shape Adjustable
Weight 608 grams (MD)
Heritage New
Model Number HTSPTX
Available Colors Black, Navy, Red, White
Available Sizes SM, MD, LG
Certifications HECC, CSA
Nest Tech 3D Printed Liner
Innovative continuous fit liner creates industry-leading breathability, fit and protection. Each of the 130,000 struts are specifically engineered in shape and density, each for a specific purpose to make this the best helmet for hockey.
D30 Smart Foam
CCM's most advanced and protective material available, D30 is rate-sensitive so it won't hinder comfort or mobility. Soft and pliable in its natural state, D30 quickly hardens and absorbs impact energy to bring players the very best protection for all kinds of hockey-related impacts. 
Side Impact Frame
The adjustment latches on the side have been extra reinforced to help create 360-degree protection. In year's past, side latches created a gap in protection but not anymore with a bolstered design.


Construction 2-Piece HDPE, Side Reinforced
Adjustment Tool-less Side Latches
Ventilation 13 Vents
Ear Loops Removable


Base Material 3D-Printed Nest Tech
Liner Topping Smooth Contour Padding
Advanced Protection D3O Smart Foam, Side Impact Frame