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CCM Tacks 910 Hockey Helmet

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The CCM Tacks 910 Helmet brings a whole new level of elite protection and premium comfort to the market. From the new shell to the re-engineered liner, the 910  is the helmet that lets you play protected and comfortable while looking good. 

The new Fluid Inside Pod Matrix helps protect players from the wide variety of different impacts taken during a game. Unlike traditional foams, Fluid Inside reacts to each hit by absorbing impact energy away from the head and into the pods.

Side latch adjustment systems used to create gaps in protection. CCM reinforced this area unlike anything before so that players can still have the ease of quick adjustments on the fly without sacrificing protection.  

Level of Play Elite
Head Shape Round
Weight 582 grams (MD)
Heritage New
Model Number HT910
Available Colors Black, Navy, Red, Royal, White
Available Sizes SM, MD, LG
Certifications HECC, CSA
Fluid Inside Pod Matrix
The strategically placed pods help to better manage the wide range of impacts hockey players experience during play. From direct hits from the front to the side angle hits, Fluid Inside helps to protect you across the board, unlike traditional foams. 
D30 Smart Foam
CCM's most advanced and protective material available, D30 is rate-sensitive so it won't hinder comfort or mobility. Soft and pliable in its natural state, D30 quickly hardens and absorbs impact energy to bring players the very best protection for all kinds of hockey-related impacts.
Side Impact Frame
The adjustment latches on the side have been extra reinforced to help create 360-degree protection. In year's past, side latches created a gap in protection but not anymore with a bolstered design.

Construction 2-Piece HDPE, Side Reinforced
Adjustment Tool-less Side Latches
Ventilation 13 Vents
Ear Loops Removable

Base Material Dual-Density Foams
Liner Topping Smooth Contour Padding
Advanced Protection Fluid Inside Matrix, D3O Smart Foam, Side Impact Frame