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Clap Balm

Clap Balm Hockey Hand Deodorant

Clap Balm Hockey HandDeodorant is a unique product specifically designed to target and eliminate the awful stench that hockey gloves leave behind. This deodorant is all-natural, easy to apply, and comes in a convenient metal tin to keep it free from debris in your bag and in the locker room. Parents, coaches, and players can rejoice because soft hands don't have to be smelly hands.

Clap balm has been tested by players in the NHL, OHL, and NCAA and has proven to be effective. Clap Balm uses only natural ingredients for the health and peace of mind of users. It is important to note that the tin can develop tiny dents from the shipping process, transportation in a hockey bag, or use in the locker room, but the deodorant inside will still work as intended.

For proper use: Use fingertip to scoop deodorant out of your tin. Apply deodorant thoroughly to your hands and be sure to work the deodorant in between fingers as well. Now enjoy fresh hands on and off the ice.