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Green Biscuit

Green Biscuit Roller Hockey Puck

The Green Biscuit Roller Hockey Puck combines their famously smooth, fast gliding action with minimal roll in a roller hockey puck that was built for strenuous game play. It features a similar two-piece design that made the Original Green Biscuit the most popular off-ice puck in the industry. This game play version comes with pegs and a slightly softer material that can withstand repeated impacts with goal posts and dasher boards. Now you can practice at home with the Original Green Biscuit training puck and then go play your game with the Green Biscuit roller hockey puck.

  • Hard Plastic patented 2-piece puck with Teflon pegs
  • 2-piece design helps absorb vibrations
    • Keeps the puck flat and gliding on rougher surfaces
  • Ideal for indoor play, but may be used on smooth outdoor surfaces
  • Weight: 3.6 oz