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Labeda Gripper Millennium Signature Wheels Soft

Size Guide
The Labeda Gripper Millennium Signature Wheels Softis a original dual durometer Labeda Hockey Wheel combines Labeda's highest, hardest rebound urethane core with their specially formulated ice grip formula, creating a fast yet sticky wheel. Best of all, Labeda is a family owned business who manufacturers all of their wheels here in the USA.

Hardness Guidelines:

  • 76A (Soft) = 185 lbs and below
  • Hardness selection should be based on player weight and skating ability. A player can choose a wheel designated for a heavier skater if they have advanced skating skills to compress the wheel enough to grip. This will allow the player to maximize their speed.

Fit Guidelines:

  • Standard hub wheel designed for the standard 608 bearing size

Wheel Profile:

  • Tapered
  • Pointed, performance profile for speed and agility.


  • Dual Durometer
  • High durometer urethane core creates incredible rebound for maximum speed
  • Low durometer urethane outer layer for the ultimate grip

Hub Size:

  • Standard 608

Sizes Available:

  • 59, 68, 72, 76, 80mm
Ideal Playing Surface:
  • Sport Court
Made In USA