Mission Inhaler FZ-3 Inline Hockey Skate - Jnr

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Mission Inhaler FZ-3 Inline Hockey Skate - Jnr

The Mission Inhaler FZ-3 Skateboasts high-end performance, comfort and durability at a reasonable price point. Mission used a reinforced True-Form Tech boot that is tailored towards the more elite players who can harness the extra stiffness for a more explosive stride. Internally, the FZ-3 uses thicker ankle foams that create instant comfort out-of-the-box, but they work with the pro-inspired tongue to protect players from pucks, slashes and any other gameplay impacts.

The boot also comes with the ventilated Inhaler toe cap and integrated boot vents that promote some of the best in-skate airflow on the market. The FZ-3's tendon guard showcases Mission's new interchangeable color chips so you can quickly customize how your skate looks with 6 different color choices.

On top of the plush ankle foams, Mission used their Comfort Grip Liner. It has a soft feel but the unique material does a great job of locking the foot into place and managing moisture. Down below, the FZ-3 rocks the Aluminum Hi-Low frame that holds Labeda Union wheels that are known for their top-end grip and stopping power.
  • Quarter Package:
    • Reinforced True-Form Tech PU with dual-integrated Vents
      • Provides an anatomical fit and feel, similar to the high-end 3D-lasting process for improved foot-to-skate connection
      • Lightweight and structurally-sound materials provide enhanced support and moldability
      • Thermo-adjustable (heat moldable)
      • Ventilated Inhaler Toe Cap and Side Vent helps to improve comfort and manage moisture
      • Integrated abrasion guards to prevent wear-and-tear on the boot
      • Outer clear coat for longer-lasting and richer graphics
      • Interchangeable Tendon Color Chips allow for quick color customization of 6 colors
  • Skate Laces:
    • Unwaxed, white laces
  • Liner:
    • Comfort Grip Liner
      • Strategically built to lock the foot into place while maintaining top-notch comfort
  • Tongue Construction:
    • Form-Fit 3: 48oz, three-piece black felt with Plastic and Foam Insert
      • Plastic sandwiched between medium-density foam is integrated through the center of the tongue to provide elite protection for the top of the foot
  • Footbed:
    • Form-Fit
      • Medium-density foam base provides a good balance of comfort and support
  • Outsole:
    • Clear TPU
      • Improved lateral stiffness allows for a more efficient transfer of energy through the stride
  • Frame:
    • One-piece, aluminum Hi-Lo™ Vanguard™ Frame
      • Offers an aggressive angle of attack for agility while maintaining a low center of gravity
      • Sizes 1-2 / (2) 59mm wheels in front and (2) 68mm in the rear
      • Sizes 3-5.5 / (2) 68mm wheels in front and (2) 72mm in the rear
      • Sizes 6-12 /(2) 76mm wheels in front and (2) 80mm in the rear
    • Mission Square Flush Two-Piece 6mm Axles
  • Wheels:
    • Labeda Union X-Soft (76A) Wheels
      • Ideal for Sport Court, Wood and Smooth Concrete
      • New Revolver Core and Apex Ring provide premium top end speed, braking power and grip
  • Bearings:
    • Hi-Lo™ Abec 9 608 bearings

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