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My Bauer Custom Ice Hockey Skates

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MY Bauer Custom Ice Hockey Skates

Your MYBauer Custom Senior Ice Hockey Skates are built specifically for your feet from your #3DSkateLab scan and personalised based upon your preferences. Feel the comfort and fit of custom fit hockey skates, just like the pros!

Your skates are custom built to the shape of your foot using a 3D model of your foot created from the 3D Skate Lab scan information to give you the best in fit and performance.

To achieve your ultimate custom skate, you can choose from the selection of tongues, Liner, Eyelets, Runners, plus your Name and Number on the tongue. All customisation options are included in the price, there are no additional charges.

Fit families still play a role in custom skates. Bauer’s skate families are categorised as low (VAPOR), Mid (SUPREME) and High (NEXUS) from a profile or depth standpoint. Changing the family changes the depth of the skate. Your custom skate is based around the skate family that best fits the depth profile of your foot, which you can then modify and customise as needed.

Visit us in store for your custom fitting!